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Why we exchanged blows at National Assembly,APC law maker, Hon. Adaranijo justifies fracas

House of Representatives member, representing Agege constituency (Lagos) at the 8th National Assembly, Hon Taofeek Abiodun Adaranijo has justified what seemed to be an embarrassing situation and  show of shame demonstrated by the law makers at the floor of the House at the early hours of Thursday, June 25,2015,claiming it’s in line with democratic norms of addressing anomalies at the lower or upper chamber.
He stressed further that what happened was a lawful protest by the All Progressives Congress ( APC) lawmakers after seeing the handwriting on the wall that the Speaker of the House, Hon.Kabiru Dogara has failed in accordance with the party’s agenda. Rather, he’s allowing his selfish interest to prevail over that of the party that constituted the majority.
“Yes, there was fracas at floor of the House today, and that informed why our sitting was inconclusive; hence the decision by the Speaker to adjourn to July 21,2015. May be before then, we must have resolved our differences.
“We can’t do without that if we must straighten certain things out. It’s not done anywhere in the world where the party that has the majority won’t be allowed to elect leaders for principal offices, which is exactly what Hon. Dogara is doing.
“The party with the majority has the right to choose those that will hold key leadership positions in the House. The party gives the direction of things concerning that, not the Speaker. Then, those in the minority will also choose their leaders.
“So, we agree to disagree, we can’t compromise. We’re in the House for the overall interest of the country,” he concluded.

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