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‘Why we shun made in Nigeria goods’ -Nigerians (2)

Opting for foreign products has always been a trend among most Nigerians. And this has greatly affected Nigeria’s economy as the country can’t boast of producing many items on its own. And even if any product bears a made in Nigeria logo, Nigerians won’t patronize it. They will prefer to go for foreign ones on assumption that foreign products are of superior quality.

Some Nigerians ENCOMIUM Weekly sought their views also shared this belief…



I patronise Nigeria made products but depends on which kind of product you are talking about. I go for some Nigerian products because some are okay, at the same time, some are not okay. They are not well made. I believe if we all patronise our products, there will be increase in demand for them, the manufacturers will also want to up their ante and produce something worthwhile for their users.



Yes, I use some made in Nigeria products. Some of them are durable, while some are not. Once a product lasts for a while, it is okay, After all, nothing lasts forever. Even foreign products too have expiry date. I will encourage all of us to turn to our locally made goods. Some of them are actually better than the foreign ones and you will have value for your money.



It’s high time Nigerians patronized foreign items, and that mentality has been on for long. I personally have preference for foreign goods. Apart from the fact that most of them are of high quality, they’re often cheaper. I think it’s high time, the government put in place a policy that will encourage local manufacturers so that they too can come up with items with better quality, compared with what obtains elsewhere in the developed world.



I like quality, irrespective of whether it’s local or foreign. But the truth is that most of Nigerian products are usually inferior. In most cases, you see people promoting fairly used clothes and bags not only because they’re cheap but they also last longer. You can’t compare them with made in Nigeria ones. I think the government needs to encourage our local manufacturers.



Yes, I patronize made in Nigeria products because it will help us grow our economy, Nigerians produce quality things especially chairs and home accessories. I love Nigerian products and sometimes I also buy foreign products too.



I don’t patronize made in Nigeria products. Nigerian products are not of good quality. They are mostly Aba made goods made of inferior quality.



Of course, I patronize foreign products. What do you expect in a country where everything is imported? We can’t blame the people for that, it’s the government’s fault. We don’t have functional borders, they allow everything.

Why not empower local manufacturers to be able to produce quality goods at competitive prices and see if people will not patronize them! The worst thing is that banks don’t encourage and support small businesses.



I use both Nigerian and foreign goods, but I use more of foreign ones. The thing with our locally made goods is that the quality sometimes is inferior. But I think that is changing. The gap in quality is reducing, especially clothes and fashion accessories. Nigerian designers are making high quality pieces these days even if the fabrics are imported.



Yes, I patronize made in Nigeria products. This is obviousl because made in Nigeria products are way cheaper than the imported ones.  I patronize the makers of the locally made detergent, dish washing liquid, and adire.



I don’t patronize made in Nigeria goods because most of them are not of good quality and I like quality products. Some of the Nigerian products don’t have long life span, I like when I buy things and they last long.

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