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Will it take days to find Allwell Orji’s corpse?

The body of 35 year old Dr. Allwell Orji who jumped into Lagos lagoon from the Third Mainland Bridge (Lagos) around 4:45 on Sunday, March 19, 2017, may take days to find.

Unless the search team of Lagos State Emergency Services Agency working with fishermen and divers succeed, it may take days for the corpse to float.  And it may be washed anywhere far from where it will be easily discovered.
The search party which has been on for over 24 hours is unlucky yet. But hope is alive that the body is still around the radius of Adeniji Adele area of the lagoon.
What’s more, information has been passed on to fishermen to look out for the body in Lagos lagoon.
It sometimes takes over one week for the body of anyone that drowns to float.
Scientists claimed that the body would have started decomposing before it can float. Other factors are the depth of the water and the temperature.
And if it is not tangled by debris, the body easily floats after it has decomposed.
But the water current may also deposit it far from expected area.

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