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Yes Melo crooner, Dotman on how he intends to take over ‘I’M INTRODUCING MY NEW SOUND’

Call him a vastly-talented breath of fresh air and you won’t be far from the truth! Olatunji Oladotun Alade (that’s his real name), but known in the music circle as Dotun, he sings, composes and raps in equal measure.

In this chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, the hip hop act talked about how he is introducing his new sound.


What informed the choice of the kind of music you do?

I am multi talented, I do indigenous rap and sing. My music is a fusion of hip hop and afro pop. I know I’ve got it in me and I can do this effortlessly, that’s why I chose it

If you were not doing music, what would you be doing instead?

I’m actually a student of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), where I’m studying Physics Education, and I’m in my third year

How is it combining your academics and your music career?

It’s actually not easy, because I have to attend classes and all.

You attend classes regularly?

Yes, I attend classes as regularly as possible. And when I do not, I keep in touch with my friends and they keep me updated on everything. I don’t joke with lectures and I only miss classes when it is for something really important like being here today for this interview.

As a young artiste and with so many other artistes out there, what are you bringing to the table?

I am bringing a different, new sound and I think it’s a style you’ve never heard before. Yes, there are a lot of great artistes out there with their own sound but I’m bringing a fresh sound.

How do you find inspiration to write songs as a songwriter?

There’s no particular way it comes. Most times when I want to write a song, the inspiration just comes. Also, I could choose a topic and write a song about it.

What is the predominant theme of your songs, is it money, girls or what?

I write different kinds of songs touching on different areas of life, be it money, lifestyle, harsh life experiences and others. But I write a lot of hustle, either my hustle or that of other people. Though I’m young, I’ve faced quite a lot of challenges.

My first motivation for my music career is my fellow UNILAG students. They are a sort of backbone for me, when I’m down or I go for shows, they are always there supporting me. My second motivation is my record label U and I Music, they’ve really done a lot for me. They’ve shot two videos for me, three actually. The third is not released yet. I’m really grateful.

In music, who are those you took up to?

My role model in music is actually the late DaGrin.

Why’s that?

It was through him that I got to believe I could do music. He was my motivation back then.

Did you get to meet him before he passed on?

Unfortunately, I did not get to meet him.

You sing and rap, which are you better at?

I do both of them well, but I like rap more.

Do you have a background in playing music instruments?

I don’t play any instrument but I have a good understanding of sound. I understand notes and I know the basic rules of the keyboard and I can flow with any music instrument.

What would you say was your greatest moment as an artiste?

That would be when I won a rap competition in UNILAG last year. There was a crowd of about 7,000 people, you can imagine that.

What’s your dream for yourself as an artiste?

To become one of the greatest artistes Nigeria has ever produced.

Who are those artistes you would like to work with on a collaboration?

Davido and Olamide.

What has your journey been like?

It’s not easy, really. You know people are already used to a particular kind of sound and I am introducing them to a new sound.

Are your parents supporting this music dream of yours?

Yes, they are supporting me. In fact, my parents are giving me the best support that any artiste can wish, through prayers

Tell us about your growing up.

I was born in Ogun state, precisely Ipokia local government. I attended Abeokuta Grammar School, which was where I picked up the interest in music. But I didn’t take it serious until I got into the university.

When you graduate, do you plan on working with your certificate?

I’m an educationist, and through music, you can educate people. I plan doing music for a very long time. Maybe when I retire I would go back to my field.

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