‘Yes, Prophet Joshua Iginla helped us to qualify’ -Honour Janza, Zambian coach

Honour Janza is the coach of Zambian football team, a position he took up in August 2014 when their foreign coach quit unexpectedly. Against all odds, the Chipolopolo picked a ticket for the Nations Cup.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chance encounter with him on Sunday, December 7, 2014, at the Champions Royal Assembly,  Kubwa, Abuja when he visited Brother Joshua Iginla. In an exclusive chat with us, he opened up on the secret of their success…


Bro. Iginla

Congratulations! Your national team qualified for the Nations Cup, how do you feel?

I feel great and blessed. It was not that easy but it’s worth it.

You came at a time many had given up on Zambia?

I came at a time I least expected it.

What was the greatest challenge when you took over?

The challenge was qualifying for the Nations Cup, especially having to appease the Zambians after the death of the ex president, and that could only be done through qualification.  The greatest challenge was having to win our last three matches else we would crash and the odds were against us.

What was the secret then?

I came to Abuja to testify to the secret of our success. During that tough period when all hope was lost as regards winning the last three matches, Prophet Joshua Iginla came for a crusade in Zambia and when I saw the amazing raw miracles I requested for an appointment to see him for spiritual help. I went to see him in his hotel. Initially, he declined but when people appealed to him on my behalf, he decided to grant me audience. He prayed for me and gave me precise predictions on how the last three matches would go including the winning scores per match and other instructions. And interestingly, the three matches went according to his prophesies and we qualified. I am not ashamed to call him papa, and God used him to save us from crashing out of the qualification. In fact, if Zambians should have their way, we would have made him a Zambian. The qualification is so dear to us because it was dedicated to our late president. That’s why we are so happy for this man of God sent to us.

What’s your relationship with Bro. Joshua Iginla?

He is my spiritual father and I now call him my papa.


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