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Yetunde Oduwole calls time off Baba Tee’s issue …Tells advisers to cool off

Yetunde Oduwole, Baba Tee’s estranged lover, has called on all those bombarding her facebook wall with pieces of advise to call it a day and move on with their lives. Her public tiff with her former husband, with video of her crying and cursing, and Baba Tee’s further humiliation a few days back trended and made headlines.

Earlier today (Friday, July 10, 2015), the popular columnist who is based in London (the United Kingdom) posted :

Ok! Ok!!! Ok!!!! I’ve heard you all!
Can you guys please leave my inbox alone? Na beg I dey beg oo. Chaiii!!! I can see you all have talents of being Chief Advisers. I clap for you all; but biko I’ve read enough. I don taya. Go about your daily businesses. I guess that’s more lucrative than this.

And to those who are getting their kicks right now from sharing the video….please share on if that makes you happy. Your happiness is all I’m after
GBOOOOOSAAAAAA!! (Sorry I’m stealing your signature Ronke ‘Iya Won’ Ademuyiwaa

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