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Zakky’s ex-wife speaks on recent award, life as a single mom

Says, ‘I’m not interested in remarrying’

Hadiza Yadoo Anyamikegh, former wife of veteran artiste, Zakky Azzay was honoured by Project Alert for her courageous fight against domestic and sexual violence.

She was given the Heroes Award at the 16th anniversary celebration of Project Alert in December.

In 2012, she filed for divorce from her husband. She said that the artiste physically abused her during their marriage. She had three children for him before divorce.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with her, and she spoke about how happy she feels to be given an award, life as a single mother and how she has been coping…


How does it feel getting the award?

31It feels so good. It was Project Alert anniversary. I am so happy that it paid off at last. I was a victim of domestic violence and people were not talking about it, so I had to speak out because of my children and for the sake of people out there being abused.

This is something we should push further, though it is not an easy task but it is going to pay off eventually. Being alive is a testimony.

Why do you think you were given the award?

Project Alert saw how I moved from zero and came out a hero. As you can see, this is my new place. I just opened this store. It is not in the media, so I will say God has been faithful and I give Him all the glory.

How have you been coping as a single mom?

As a single mom, God has been faithful. God is my dad, God is my husband, so I am not a single mother in any way.

Aside the project, what have been keeping you busy?

I have been busy. I do TV commercials and also voiceovers. Basically, wherever there is something good, I will just fix myself there. I am versatile, so I can do anything.

FB_IMG_1445864981970-783563Are you happy being single mother?

Yes, I am happy because it is where you have focus. It’s a life where you can do things that please God and people. It is a life where you think straight and this has made up for this award. Project Alert followed me back to back. They have read my story and for them to give me this award, it is a big thing for me.

I was the oldest person in the Shelter. I stayed there before I got my own place. It was not easy for me, but I thank God for Project Alert, thank my lawyers and for the people that stood by me.

How do you feel without your husband?

I am used to it because he has remarried. I am happy for him and he has a child from his new wife. I am still here, but God has been faithful so, I have to be happy for him because he is the father of my children. What happened is all in the past, but now this is my present. I have a life, I come to my business and I do my work.

How often do you see your children?

Two of my children are with me, one is still with the daddy.

Is he not coming to live with you?

We are still on it, but I do not want to touch that area for now.

How are your children doing?

The children are doing fine and excellent. I thank God for that.

Have you found new love?



Yes, I have found love, love with God, my children, love in the air and love everywhere.

Not this love, I mean, a man to get married to?

I am 33, do you expect me to get married? The love I have right now should go to my children. I am not saying people have not been approaching me, but it is not in my agenda for now.

Will you advice women going through domestic violence to always voice out?

Yes, I will 100 percent advice them to voice out because some of them have lost their lives in the process. So, it is better to be alive.



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