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20 must-have items in ladies’ handbags

The hand bag is every lady’s best friend. It goes with them everywhere go. If some of the contents of a lady’s bag is revealed, one would be in shock because of what would be found in it. Ladies have many needs and their needs can catch up with them at any point in time, hence the need to always be prepared in case of any emergency.

When we talk about handbags we mean, actual work or everyday bags, not the clutch or satchel purses, as those are really small and can’t take more than a phone at once.

ENCOMIUM Weekly takes a look at 20 items every lady must have in her bag.

A lady should have at least 10 of these items in her bag before stepping out every day, if not her day won’t be complete. But then if she has more or all, her handbag might end up being mistaken for a travelling bag.

  1. Wallet: Every lady must have a wallet in her hand bag, it can be whatever size, as long as it can carry some cash, and ATM cards.
  2. Hand Sanitizer: The hand sanitizer helps protect us from coming in contact with or spreading germs. We come in contact with different people every day, and at different places, so a lady needs to have the hand sanitizer handy.
  3. Pepper Spray: The pepper spray might not be so popular in our part of the world, but it is definitely an essential that every lady should have because of the kind of society we find ourselves. A can of pepper spray will help keep a lady safe from attacks, especially ladies that work late.

4.Tampons/sanitary pads: Tampons or sanitary pads should never leave a lady’s bag. The monthly guest could come at anytime, sometimes unannounced and even if it doesn’t come by suprise there could be another lady in need of it.

  1. Tiny notepad and pen: A small notepad and pen, is essential for taking notes. At different times, there could be a need to take notes, or write down important details.
  2. Make up Compact/powder: A lady can’t obviously take all of her makeup purse wherever she goes, so a compact powder will do for a touch up as the day goes by. The makeup compact/ power should definitely come with a mirror.
  3. Mint gum: A mint gum is essential to make bad breath go away. Sometimes after meals, all you need is a mint gum just so you can have a fresh breath, you don’t want to go around with your mouth smelling of the last meal you had. A bad breath is a huge turn off.
  1. Lip balm/lip gloss: A lip gloss or lip balm is important to keep the lips from drying up excessively or breaking
  2. Tissue/handkerchief/wet wipes: Wet wipes and handkerchief can come in handy on a really hot and sweaty day, to wipe off sweat. A tissue can be used for the same purpose and also to clean off after using the toilet. Tissue could be used for a thousand and one other things. Once you have a tissue at hand, the many uses for it will come up.
  3. Small perfume bottle/pocket spray: A lady must endeavour to smell great at all times, no one wants to come close to a smelly lady, pretty or not.
  4. Sun shade: Sun shades are every lady’s essential, once its sunny, you need a pair of sun shades to protect your eyes from the sun. They also make you look good and fashionable. There are different styles and type of shades to choose from.
  1. b Pocket brushes and pocket combs are must haves, especially when a lady has her natural hair or a weave on. You can occasionally brush up and make your hair look tidy as the day goes by.

13.Shower cap: The shower cap is a must have too, for when it rains or simply drizzles. No proper lady let’s her hair gets wet by the rain. We all know that makes the hair smell wierdly.

  1. Phone: what’s a handbag without a mobile phone in it? The mobile phone is probably the first thing that gets into the bag before a lady steps out. No one wants to be incommunicado all day.
  2. Panties: An extra pant is important for an unexpected monthly flow or when you run late and have to sleep out. You definitely can’t repeat the pant from the previous day, or wear an already stained pant.
  3. Hand fan: The hand fan comes in handy for the ladies who don’t have a car and move around in public vehicles, and also those who ride in cars without air conditioners. We all know how crazy and annoying the traffic in Lagos could be during the rush hour. So, when the traffic begins, the hand fan would come in handy.
  1. Umbrella: when we talk about the umbrella, we all know this means the mini/foldable umbrellas. You can never go wrong with an umbrella in the bag, they’re useful for the sunny days as well as the rainy days.
  2. Phone charger/power bank: Your phone charger or a power bank would always come in handy for a busy day, and when a lady is always on the move and extremely busy.
  3. Pain killer: A satchet of a simple pain killer like panadol or paracetamol should always be in a lady’s bag. Once a headache tries to mess up your day, the right dose of pain killers will keep the headache at bay.
  4. A pair of flat slippers is an essential item for a lady’s handbag. When you work in a proper office when you wear shoes at all times, you need a pair of slippers for before and after work, so the feet can breathe and to also avoid a smelly feet.



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