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2nd edition of Luli concert set to hold

The Luli concert is here again. The second edition of Luli concert powered by El-Berachah Worship Ministry of the Celestial Church of Christ is set to bring thousands of worshippers together. This and many more was disclosed in a press briefing organized by the organisers of the Luli concert. This year’s edition which coincides with the 70th anniversary of the host church is set to take off on Wednesday with the Jazz Master, then on Thursday, the Luli Medicare and on Friday is the gallery then the “Night of a thousand sacrifice”. The convener of the concert, Mr. Gbenga Daniel-Adebayo, spoke with on what Luli stands for.


What are the programs lines up for this year’s Luli Concert?
This year’s concert has in package on Wednesday, the jazz master’s class, Thursday, the Luli Care where we will be giving free medicare and on Friday is the gallery where we will display pictures of the founder of Celestial Church of Christ. These are the programs that we are putting up together for Celestial Church of Christ to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the church as well. So is like about four or five programs in one. It is to the glory of God.

This is the second edition of the program, tell us your challenges and ways you’ve been able to overcome them?

Well, if I tell you there are no challenges, I will be lying but as Christians, God has told us he would not give us trial, a temptation that is greater than what our faith can take. So, by the time the challenges come, God has already made a way out. Most of the things that we see, I can’t say is done by my power, I can’t say is by my might. But I can only say that God has always made a way and he has always been meeting us at every point of our needs. So in terms of finance, in terms of logistics, how many can you talk about but God will always make a way out, because that is why He is God.  In divining, His power is for Him and for His glory and God will prove himself strong on our behalf.

Last year edition accommodated about 7,000 worshippers, so how much more will this year take?

Well we are going to have a -1000 man mass choir this time around and they are going to raise up their voice in praise from the altar of their heart. It can be aching to what happened during the days of Solomon, when he had to sacrifice 1000 offering in one night and God appeared to him and said, see my son you have done this to provoke me, ask me of anything and I will give on to you. So we are going to use this to connect to God, as celestials, as Nigeria as well. As we raise a thousand sacrifice of praise from the altar of our heart to God on 22nd of September, this Friday and I know that God is going to visit us afresh in the nation, He is going to visit us afresh as a church, as body of Christ as well and God’s name is going to be glorified in all what we do.

How do you view gospel music in Nigeria? Is it rewarding?

Well, it is evolving and until we have people, you know, the way they support secular music and they support gospeller music too and we will get there one day. And am praying, and am believing God because most, at times we see gospel musicians going into secular world. The reason is they don’t get the kind of reward that they should get. I think we should invest more in to them and give them what they deserve, because they too they have to run, they need to, they have bills to pay as well, so we need to support them. We should have cooperate sponsors too who will be sponsoring musicians, so that at least they can continue to reveal the glory of God.

Is Luli concert going to accommodate artists from other churches to?

Yes, we will try to preach, we want to break the barrier of denomination. We want people to see that  Celestials church  we are Christians as every other Christian is, like this year we would be having Ken Ikori would be coming around to worship God with us as well. So as times goes on, Shola Allyson too will be coming, they are not celestials and they will be there to sing praises.

What Should people look out for?

In the presence of God, there is nothing that you want, that you will not get.


– Azeezat Kareem for




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