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4 milestones that made PSquare grow apart and split

The termination of contract letter penned by Peter Okoye demanding he wants to opt out of the successful music duo of PSquare on Friday, September 21, was planted as the twins grew older and became more popular.
Over the years, the seed of the split was nurtured and watered.

Here are 4 milestones that conspired to make Peter, Paul and Jude Okoye fall apart as compiled by encomium.ng:

1. Humongous success, fame and fortune
Apart from being widely popular across the continent, they raked in hundreds of millions, built houses and befriended billionaires and politicians.
Their profile grew and soared.
With humongous success comes more confidence and the courage to dare. What’s the worst thing that can happen to those who risk hugely? More success or opportunity to start afresh.
They have nothing much to lose…

2. They grew older and more matured
With age comes maturity and the independence to rely on one’s strength. After being everywhere together for 35 years, it’s time to try something new.

3. They have done the same things for over two decades
Two decades as a duo has its challenges and shortcomings. And when you have similar strengths, what’s wrong in trying solo careers or entirely new preoccupation?
Being everywhere together, on the same stage, singing and dancing for more than 20 years is boring.

4. They got married
The Okoye brothers – Jude, Peter and Paul – got married, started families.
So, the variables changed!
They spend more time with their madams and children, listen more to dissenting views as they strategise on their future.
It’s such a natural step…

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