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4 reasons Lagos Land Use Charge was rejected

Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, governor of the good people of Lagos, lived up to his promise of listening to citizens of the centre of excellence by slashing rates in the contentious Land Use Charge. 

When he met critical stakeholders at Eko Hotel on Victoria Island, the governor said the state was ready for dialogue.
And in the last few weeks, engaging protests have greeted the charge in mainstream and social media.
Now, the rates have been slashed. 
Here are four major reasons the Land Use Charge was rejected by Lagosians as compiled by
1. The law was hastily and surreptitiously passed without engaging Lagosians.
Many quickly criticised the non-involvement of stakeholders when the law was being treated at the state Assembly. They complained that the public hearing was not given adequate publicity required for such a law.
2. The insertion of Alpha Beta, a company suspected to be owned by a colossal politician, smeared the intention irreparably. 
All the apologies and buck-passing further diminished the intention of the law.
3. The rates are just too high, and punishment non-commensurate to the infractions. 
From multiplying rate 100 percent for non-payment when due to inhuman demands, the protests became uncivilized.
4. The economic climate is not conducive as we are still struggling out of a demeaning recession.
Money is scarcer than ever with widespread complaints.



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