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4 ways Nnamdi Kanu’s adventure will end as insecurity escalates

The adventure of the Indigenous People of Biafra led by Nnamdi Kanu will end in disaster as many sympathisers and innocent souls will die as insecurity escalates in the South-East.

With the insistence of the Army that Operation Python Dance continues, if leaders of Ndigbo don’t rein in those fanning embers of violence, and insist on peaceful negotiations for their demands, and the Army fails to restrain their soldiers, many more destruction and death will unravel.
This clear and present danger has one end: more mayhem!
But for Nnamdi Kanu, there are four possible ways it will end as compiled by
1. He may be arrested.
With unconfirmed reports that soldiers were at his father’s residence, he may be arrested and freshly charged for threatening the peace.
2. He could be injured or killed.
If in the course of effecting his arrest there’s any form of resistance, he could be injured or killed.
3. He may be left alone.
He may be left alone at the end of the day if the options are weighed and he reins in his men from further threatening the peace.
4. He could flee
Since he holds a British passport, he could easily flee.
But what is clear is that whatever happens to Nnamdi Kanu, there will be collateral damages and deaths. And we all lose in the end…



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