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5 reasons that encourage men to cheat

A lot of men can’t keep up their pants… and 2,000 of them revealed in a study by Superdrug’s Online Doctor why they cheat on their partners.
Listing 5 of the topmost reasons that encourage them to stray into ‘the arms of the other woman,’ the Europeans polled provided insights.

Here are the reasons listed:

1. They cannot resist the temptation of bedding the other person as she’s too hot.

2. She’s there for them, listens to their woes and is interested in their lives.

3. They are not getting enough sex at home or with their partners.

4. They are bored with their partners as routine has set in with little or no excitement.

5. Their partners stopped paying them attention or totally ignored them.

The study among European men even listed June as the month men are likely to start an adulterous relationship.



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