6 awesome ways to plan a smooth road trip

Traveling as a group can be fun especially if you are with friends, family or colleagues.

If you there is a wedding, christening, retreat, conference, religious convention, or vacation around the corner, rather than sojourning alone, it is safer and enjoyable to travel with other people who share the same interests.

While this serves as a prudent means to trim the expenses accrued on each trip, planning this nature of travel could be time-consuming and frustrating. If poorly organised, the journey could go awry especially long distance journey from Lagos to Kano.

To prevent this incident from occurring, Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 6 exciting tips on how to put together a smooth trip for a group of people.

Agree on a price

This is the first thing that should be agreed upon when planning. Depending on the cost of renting the bus and the number of people who have signified their interest in embarking on the trip, a fair amount distributed evenly among the party can be contributed.

Also, ensure a deadline for payment is agreed upon, with reasonable expiration dates agreed upon.

Get a comfortable vehicle

Getting a plane or bus in excellent condition is important. If you want to enjoy your journey without complaining of intermittent stops on the highway or cramps, invest in a ‘good’ vehicle.

In addition, it is key that a driver who is familiar with the route being taken is employed for the journey otherwise you and your fellow travellers may keep running circles and miss the purpose of the trip.

Send reminders

This may be by word-of-mouth or text messages but as long as proper messages on the schedule of the trip are communicated to the right people on time, you should have detailed feedback from your team before setting out. Reminders can include a date, amount in cash required for each trip and the time for departure.

Do not leave late

Consider distance, traffic, security and the condition of the road before hitting the road. If it is too late to travel, make suitable prior arrangements to sleepover at a safe stop.

Do not pay the driver early

If the driver is hired for a long period of time, do not make the mistake of paying them immediately you arrive at your destination as he may disappear with the money, leaving you and your friends stranded in an unknown place. This will prompt you to make alternative arrangements.

However, it is important you make the driver happy. If you will be sharing meals during the trip, give him a pack and when making arrangements for a sleepover take him into consideration. You will be guaranteed a smooth trip back to your various homes if you do this.

Account for everyone

There have been reports of people going missing when on a group trip. It is better to wait and ensure that everyone is in the bus before you leave. Do not leave anyone behind, if anything happens to them, you will be found culpable.



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