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6 things wrong with how chaplain was sacked on Ambode’s orders

The news that the chaplain of Chapel of Christ the Light (in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos) was summarily sacked on the orders of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, and his property moved out of the vicarage, has been denied by the government.
Venerable Femi Taiwo was said to have been queried on many occasions.
But whatever actually led to his sack and ejection from the vicarage, six things are clearly wrong with the manner events played out:

1. The timing was wrong.
If indeed the wife of the governor, Mrs. Bolanle Ambode, attended the anointing event on Sunday, May 14, and she was reportedly snubbed by the chaplain, then the sack can be linked.

2. The swiftness of the sack appear engineered from the top.
The chaplain was sacked on Monday, May 15, less than 24 hours after the purported snub, without the setting up of a panel which would give him fair hearing.
It negates all known principles of justice. Especially as it concerns a church which should be the beacon of good form.

3. Appeals by church members and leadership were dismissed.
In spite of the pleas by the congregation and leaders, full force was administered…raising suspicion about the powers he has offended.

4. He was ejected from the vicarage pronto.
Without adequate notice, chaplain, wife and two children were ejected along with their property.
This summary ejection is unknown to law.

5. The whiff of ejection and sack leave odiferous stench on the media blitz of Lagos at 50.
This is not the right time for bad press as the government is recording giant strides in satisfying the yearnings of the good people of Lagos.
What’s more, Lagos at 50 celebrations is raising the profile of the governor and government ìimmeasurably.
A stench like this diminishes some of the glory.

6. There’s some inexplicable pettiness in the air.
The offence reported is a slight and embarrassment, at most. Giving it this much importance raises it to the level of pettiness.
One would have expected a long list of misdemeanors against the chaplain which would question his authority as an officer of the church.
Since he was alleged to have committed several transgressions, listing them would put his sack in perspective…



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