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6 ways Fela Durotoye can win 2019 Presidential elections

Fela Durotoye, the 46-year-old motivational speaker who declared his presidential ambition and joined Alliance for New Nigeria on Thursday, February 22, 2018, can actually win…if some variables work in his favour.
So, what does he need to do? compiles 6 critical things that can work for him in the 2019 elections:

1. Get the teeming youths behind him
This afternoon (Friday, February 23), Nigeria’s current population of 195.37 million parades an average age of 17.9 years. It means more than 50 percent of Nigerians are between 18 and 40.
And if they are duly registered to vote, they become an unbeatable demographic.
With an army of 80 million youths, the election can be easily won.
The first step is to intensify the campaign to get youths registered. With their PVC (permanent voter’s card), the youths become game-changers.
So, his first task is a strategic engagement to procure PVC by the youths.
Then getting them to vote and make their votes count become easier.

2. Engage in modern campaign through the traditional and new media
The campaign to lead Nigeria to greatness and Utopia should begin aggressively and constructively in traditional and new media.
Every day, he must engage on the radio, television, blogs, sites and social media telling and show us how we can be great, prosperous and happy.

3. Garner support from critical stakeholders
He needs the support of critical stakeholders, opinion moulders and leaders of thought.
He has to get their support, money and commitment.
He must build bridges of understanding and cooperation across the country.

4. Launch a gofundme account to support his ambition with managers who are transparent
A gofundme account with widespread participation by youths will eventually raise more money than any big party.
Imagine 30 million people donating an average of N1,000, that’s already N30 billion.
That can kick-start a robust campaign to seize power through votes.

5. Form an all-inclusive cabinet of young people
An all-inclusive cabinet of young people across Nigeria already assigned portfolios can do wonders.
With plans of our to turn our fortunes around, it will create enough excitement to desire this change.

6. Produce a master plan of governance with manifesto that will change Nigeria for good forever
A detailed road map of where Nigeria will be in the first month, 100 days, first quarter, one year will show his seriousness.

Nigeria does not need eager aspirants, we need serious game-changers who know and are willing to do all it takes!



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