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Adulterous lovers didn’t die in the car!

There are to the story of the two lovers who died unclad in a car close to the Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ) in Ogba (Lagos). The news making the round that one Nse Promise Nnena and her lover, Olowo Lukman Olayinka, died in a car has been disputed. This is because, from all indications, the deceased must have spent the night together probably in a hotel before tragedy struck.
As a matter of fact, they may have passed on in the hotel and the hotelier not wanting to be apprehended or accused of what he may not know about, decided to help the situation out by transporting the deceased to a spot without any trace whatsoever.
According to passers-by that drew the attention of the public, the car engine was still running and the air conditioner was on and working, which means they never died of suffocation. This brings about the question on the lips of everyone, ‘what could have happened to this two lover birds?’ Is it nemesis that caught up with them? Or something fishy is behind the whole story? Notwithstanding, the Police have commenced further investigation and an autopsy would be carried out on the bodies to know the real cause of their death.
– Chika Okorie



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