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Amb. Mumuni revalidates APC membership, urges supporters to prepare for 2023

Renowned international security expert, Ambassador Abayomi Nurain Mumuni has revalidated his membership of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State. 
Mumuni, who noted that President Muhammadu Buhari means well for Nigeria, revalidated his membership with the party at his Ward, F2, Unit 16, Surulere area of  Lagos State. 
The APC chieftain who spoke with journalists after the revalidation of his membership, said the exercise is a privilege for both current and new members, including supporters and  sympathisers to be part of the decision making processes within the party. 
Mumuni, an ally of President Buhari disclosed that the history of APC is a combined effort of the defunct ACN, ANPP and his former party, CPC, under which he contested in the 2011 Lagos governorship election.
Talking about the revalidation, the Aare Jagunmade 1 of Lagos said, “We have a  lot of supporters that are not card-carrying members. We also have sympathisers who have voters’ cards but do not  possess membership cards. This process will serve as an opportunity  for them to obtain the party’s membership cards and become registered members.”
“In doing this, they can play active roles as members during the 2023 elections. The good thing about the whole process is that it is flexible once you have a passport photograph and a valid means of identification (ID card). As you can see, I flew in this morning from Abuja and once I am done here (Ward F2, Unit 16, Surulere, Lagos), I will be going back immediately. So, revalidation is a privilege for card-carrying members, sympathisers, supporters and other members of the public.”
Assessing the APC-led government, Mumuni said it’s an undisputed fact that President Buhari has done well for Nigeria, adding that, more still needs to be done within the next two years of this administration  
According to him, “we cannot deny the fact that President Buhari has done well, even better than previous governments, who have ran the affairs of this country since 1999. We can see the changes he brought into the economy, which was initially in shambles. He has really tried his best even though he has his lapses. Unfortunately many Nigerians aren’t seeing the good developments because of the challenges associated with such reforms in the country,” he added. 
The APC chieftain said the challenges wouldn’t have overshadowed the successes recorded by this administration if President Buhari had surrounded himself with people that will exhibit the substance he has been doing since assumption of office in 2015. 
“Sadly, the only time you see the people around him trying to showcase his achievements to Nigerians is when they are being antagonized by the main opposition party,” he added. 
According to him, “Like I said, President Buhari can still do more, but many Nigerians do not have information about the the good things he has done for this country. Nigerians are seeing more of the challenges and reform effects, especially on insecurity and the high cost of living but they’re not seeing improvement in other sectors. 
“No doubt, the state of insecurity in the country is alarming, yet, it was inherited from the previous government. Despite that, President Buhari has recorded successes in the fight against insurgents, especially the Boko Haram, but the banditry is messing up the entire military campaigns. All he needs to do now is to gather his recently appointed service chiefs, go back to the drawing board and flush out the criminal elements,” he said. 
Mumuni described the kidnappings going on in some states as another pattern of terrorism perpetrated by foreign machineries who disguise as Fulani herdsmen. 
“Majority of those kidnappers aren’t Nigerians. They are cross-border terrorists who took advantage of the porous nature of our borders. They are into kidnapping to fund their acts of terrorism and Nigeria is so big that they can enter with ease through our border, make money through kidnapping and go back, without being apprehended. The President should strengthen the borders and increase the presence of security personnel to make life unbearable for these criminal elements,” he said.
He called on all Nigerians irrespective of ethnic  and religious configuration, to unite and love one another, and work together with the security agencies to curtail all forms of terrorism ravaging the country. 
“First, we need to work together in unity as Nigerians. We need to be our brothers’ keepers and we need to continue to support Mr President and charge him to do more since he has two years left. Also, we need the best persons at the helms of affairs. So, with our voters’ cards, come 2023, Nigerians should vote out incompetent leaders and bring in a new set of people that will make the change they desire. Of course, I am sure our party, APC will not fail Nigerians.”



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