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Applause for Japanese billionaire over $390,000 Eagles gift

Japanese surgeon and billionaire Katsuya Takasu (71) fulfilled his promise of giving the Bronze winning U-23 team $390,000 on Saturday, August 20, after the third place match against Honduras which they won 3-2… and Nigerians are ecstatic, dishing out praises to the football fan and dissing our billionaires and sports officials.

Here are some of the comments of our compatriots …

des4ella0415: Thank you for encouraging our Nigeria U23 team in last Olympics. God bless you.

mutiu1: Thank you for the gift you offered to our Nigerian team at the Olympic. We Nigerians appreciate

trendybeadss: Dr as you have stretched a helping hands to our Nigerian teams in Brazil so shall God continue to give you a helping hand in all that you do. Once again thank you for the support.

black_coffee55: Just want to thank you for your support to the Nigerian team and how you handed over the money to the right set of people for distribution. We love you.

superjay_760li: Thanks for the gift to our footbal team Mr Takasu. God please you.

tmonlaclass: Nigeria appreciates you.

hafsie_bo: Thank you for the kind gesture to the Nigeria team. God bless you.




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