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Apprehension over rise in cost of living

The harsh economy which has left many groaning for months in the nation has generated a lot of controversies. However, with the hope that things will come back to normal soon as promised by the federal government, sampled opinions of Nigerians on what is likely to happen to the prices of goods and services which have risen by more than 100 percent.
Here are their views…


Iyabode Adeshina
Do you think that can be possible in this country? Even if the economy comes back to normal today, those prices that have changed will not take a u-turn. They will remain the way they are now. Nigerians just love putting all the blames on government. Meanwhile, we ourselves are not helping matters. I don’t think the prices will change.


Egbeyemi Olamide
If the economy returns to normal, things will change in prices but not all. Like rice now, the price has to drop. And some other things too. But there are also some things that their prices will never come back to normal, even if the economy gets better.


Omolaja Abike
Maybe prices will change, but certainly not all. You know some people can be very greedy. With the amount of gain they are making now, they will prefer the prices of such items remain that way no matter the state of the economy. They won’t consider the effect on their customer.


Odenike Oluwasijibomi
Some prices are likely to change when the economy gets better, while some are not. Like pure water, it must change in price. Major food stuffs too. But Nigerians with their mentality, even months after the economy has changed for the better, they will still tell you it’s those things they bought while the economy was bad that they are still selling. But if the change was to their advantage, they won’t waste time before changing the prices. After all, it’s profit they want to make.


Oyetunji Monsurat
Food stuffs prices generally must change in price when the economy gets better. But still, there are some services whose prices will never come down even if the economy gets to its best. But I am sure fuel prices will get back to normal, if not even lesser.


Babalola Lateefat
Once the dollar is back to normal price, and there is fuel, what else. The products will come down to normal price.


Shodimu Tosin
This question has been bothering me all the while. This is not government’s fault. We are the one that is doing ourselves, because it is a normal thing. If dollar rises and things are costly, if it is back to normal things should definitely come down but not in this country. It will just stay there and nobody will complain.
We will just be buying it like that, which is not normal.


Opodeyi Anuoluwapo
If you buy at normal price from the wholesaler what will it cost the retailer not to sell in normal price. But the problem comes from the wholesaler. If dollar rises, they will increase the prices; but if dollar is back to normal, they would not increase price.

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