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Bayowa replies critics over Moji Olaiya’s burial video

Entertainment guru, Gbenga Adewusi (Bayowa) has replied those peddling the rumour that he has rolled out the Video CDs of Moji Olaiya’s burial with a view to profiteering from the unfortunate incident which shook the entertainment industry to its foundation as not only malicious but down right mendacious.
Speaking with encomium.ng on Wednesday, June 20, 2017, the Odada 1, as Bayowa is also known, expressed total discomfort about the way his role and everything concerning the burial activities and reporting of the late thespian were misinterpreted.
He described those behind the story as blatant liars and mischief makers as they only aimed at creating unnecessary controversy between himself and the family of the deceased actress. He, therefore, enjoined the entire public to ignore the dirty and inflammatory rumour and find out the truth concerning the matter.
“I wonder what the controversy is about? Moji Olaiya was like a daughter to me. I even introduced her to acting. What will it profit me if I am now using her death to cause more sorrow for her family? I think it’s a kind of envy worrying those criticising me on my role and the coverage by my TV outfit during Moji Olaiya’s burial. “But I think it’s all a sign that I am still relevant in the industry. That’s why they just have to say something about what they knew next to nothing about. Those who’re not in Nigeria to witness what really happened  are  also condemning me. That’s malicious and very mischievous.
“Before we knew it, they started peddling the rumour that I am selling the video CDs of Moji’s burial. I make bold to say that anybody that sees a copy should please buy one for me, I also want to watch it. People just like creating issue out of none.
“To put the record straight, the headline used by Swaga TV, From Canada to Grave was tapped from the the lecture given Baba Yemi Elebuibon at the artiste night organised for Moji Olaiya which I was one of the people that packaged it. Baba also used similar expression that she travelled to Canada but didn’t come back home again but the grave, trying to let us know what death is all about and how painful her exit was.
“So, I don’t see any crime in the headline. Even, most online platforms tapped into our concept. And a lot of media practitioners were also at her burial. Even, right from there, stories have started flying, counterfeit or genuine. Nobody said anything about all these but because it’s Baba Itunu, they just have to cause controversy just because of the unique way we packaged the coverage.
“To even clarify the issue, when Moji’s brother called, I invited him, and I explained everything to him satisfactorily. And to prove to him further that I have nothing to gain from that, I changed the headline myself to Moji Olaiya’s Painful Exit. And there’s nothing like VCD as being bandied. And if they see anybody selling the CD in my name, they should buy one for me too. They’re just being envious and mischievous. Honestly, I wouldn’t have reacted on the issue, but a lot of people have advised I need to for the purpose of clarification.”
Alhaja Raheemat Mojisola Olaiya died in Canada on Thursday, May 18, 2017. She was said to have died of cardiac arrest. Her remains were brought to Nigeria on Tuesday, June 6 and  were interred on Wednesday, June 7, 2017, according to Islamic injunctions.

– TADE ASIFAT for encomium.ng




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