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‘Be stylish in your own comfort’- Jeremiah Ogbodo

Jeremiah Ogbodo, popularly known as Swanky Jerry, is an award winning celebrity fashion stylist and fashion designer. He is well known in the fashion industry and came to limelight as the youngest fashion designer and stylist in Nigeria. The young entrepreneur who is also called the stylist to the stars gave us a proper lecture on the basics of looking presentable and the essentials…


What does it entail to be a very presentable lady?

Looking presentable does not mean, looking perfect, neither does it mean looking high maintenance. It simply means looking the best you can in your given circumstances. Good grooming, great wardrobe choices, and a positive smile will get you very far In a day.

Do you think it is expensive to be a well presentable lady?

All fingers are not equal, but for me I don’t think it is expensive to look presentable. Whatever you do, just make sure you appear clean. That is, if you don’t have money to make your hair wash it well, dry and pack and style it nicely. Same with clothes, make sure they are washed and ironed, and shoes clean and sparkling. You can look presentable with little or nothing.

Must a lady be stylish to be presentable?

When you are stylish you will always look presentable. So I will advice that you are stylish in your own comfort but. It’s not a do or die affair if you can’t be stylish you can be presentable.

Must a lady be stylish to be well presentable?

Everyone has a different budget, so I won’t be giving you cost. But I will give you tips on how to be presentable.

  1. Get a good tailor, clothes look best when they fit well
  2. Define your waist, no matter how big or small
  3. Keep your skirt and dress lengths to the knee.
  4. Don’t show too much skin; overly short skirt and tops that are too low don’t flatter anyone
  5. Keep it simple, stay away from the bling
  6. Mute the loud prints, lean towards solids
  7. Buy bras that really fit, and consider shape wears when needed
  8. Make one thing pop, big necklace, no earnings or big earrings, no necklace. You don’t need to dress in head to toe designer clothes (that have the label on them in huge letters), bags and shoes. You just need to look presentable don’t come off as trying too hard by over doing it. Make one accessory stand out.
  9. Get your nails done, but don’t get all the add-ons. It’s very important to look clean. so nails, hair, makeup must be done properly. Less is always more to look presentable.

To look presentable you don’t need to break the bank.




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