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BHM launches Qomms to replace its pioneer PR App

A leading global media and public relations agency, BlackHouse Media (BHM) is introducing another digital resource intervention called BHM Qomms. This initiative is designed as a problem-solving application to make PR resources accessible to professionals in the industry. 

In 2012, BHM raised a team of software and content developers to develop the BHM App, which is the pioneering PR mobile application in Nigeria. The BHM App is an interactive app which offers information at the fingertips. Many users had been excited with this technology that aids access to media directory, agencies database, news hub, workshop videos and more.

Undoubtedly, this revolutionary application Qomms will also serve as a pool of resources for the Nigerian public relations practitioners as it is an upgraded application designed to meet the information needs of the app users in Nigeria. From training to recruitment as well as networking, the emergence of BHM Qomms affirms the organisation’s leadership role in the Nigerian PR industry. With this digital intervention, BHM is repositioning itself to solve some of the most painful problems facing public relations and communications today including education and training, recruitment, measurement, standardization, compensation, and networks.     

As BHM Qomms replaces the BHM App, the company is committing an initial N100 million over the next couple of years to build the platform. In December 2019, BHM received The Best Innovation in PR Practice Award from the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) Lagos Chapter in recognition of the agency’s effort at pushing the envelope of public relations using technology.

The 360-degree traditional and digital PR agency is committed to providing upscale solutions for clients and stakeholders. Another initiative from the company was Nigeria’s first-ever Annual PR Industry Report in 2016, a compendium of quantitative and qualitative research augmented by industry-wide perspective and knowledgeable commentary concerning PR practice in Nigeria. In the words of the Founder & CEO, BHM, Ayeni Adekunle, the goal of the Nigeria PR Report is to “purposefully place Nigeria on the global PR map by producing annual analyses; giving insights into tools, trends, campaigns, and issues the industry should pay attention to”. The company has since released multiple editions of the report, the latest being the 2020 version, publicly presented on August 29.          



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