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Big Brother Naija update – Staging it in Nigeria would have gulped N266 million

The much anticipated reality show Big Brother Naija which kicked off Sunday, January 22,2017 has received a lot of knocks and accolades most especially knocks for the unruly behavior of its housemates and atrocities committed in the house.

So far, some housemates have bid the house farewell after being evicted from the show. The likes of Cocoice, Gifty, Somadina, Miyonse are out of the game, while others are struggling and jostling to join the millionaires club with the N25million cash prize and a Sorento jeep up for grabs.



This is one the reasons the much acclaimed reality show has received more kicks than praises from viewers across the country. First was the kissing game the housemates engaged in. One of the housemate suggested they played a game of dare, and it all ended up in a kiss contest that lasted for what seemed like eternity. Each housemate took turn to decide who to kiss.

ThinTallTony and Marvis were the first to kick off the kissing game which led to other housemates getting in on the act. Miyonse was dumbstruck in love when he and TBoss locked lips, but he wasn’t so happy when TBoss and ThinTallTony got steamy with a long and sensuous kiss that made his heart drop. Miyonse, however, got his own back when he and Gifty were kissing for ages, with TBoss looking on.

Bisola, a proud single mother of one, and TTT (ThinTallTony) who is reportedly married and blessed with two kids got on the kissing game too. Obviously, the duo had chemistry for each other, they both ended up cuddling under the sheet and fell asleep. Whatever took place underneath was captured with Biggie’s camera overnight.

Soma also got to kiss Gifty. No doubt, the duo are not new comers in the game, they have locked lips severally in the house. Bisola and Bally were not left out. She took turn to swap kissing partners, she also enjoyed another round with Kemen.

However, Cocoice exempted herself from the kissing spree. She said she was on a spiritual fast and she couldn’t kiss someone she was not emotionally tied to.



The most controversial housemate, Bisola, did not lay her emotions down at the kissing game. She went a step further to give a fellow housemate a blow job. It started at the eviction party where the two were seen kissing, smooching and rocking and they climaxed it with a blow job. Prior to the night duty Bisola took, she had sucked Bassey’s finger in the day time in preparation for the blow job she eventually gave TTT at night.

Footage of what transpired under the covers broke the social media the following day. Teeming fans, however, castigated the duo for the act, stating that TTT was a married man with two children and shouldn’t engage in such act, likewise Bisola, who is a single mother of one.



In a twist of event, Cocoice gave fellow housemate Bassey her mammalian gland to suck. Without thinking twice, Bassey grabbed it and savored the pleasure any man would long for. Despite her desperate moves, she ended up being evicted. Fans, however, criticized her for going that far when it was obvious she was on her way out of the reality show.

Katung emerged winner.

Season two of the reality show came Eleven years after the first edition, with N25million up for grabs including a new Kia Sorento car.



Don Uweyeyan

Our value system has taken a spiral turn downward. Can someone please explain to me what educational value Big Brother Naija adds to the developmental growth of this country?



It’s a true reflection of our value system, the reality is that this is what sells now.  Just imagine how many Nigerians would have tuned permanently to this channel. The operators of this company too are Nigerians.


Ibiyewon Eniola

Two words: Sex Sells. And they had their target market. Not intelligent and strong value people like you and I.


Tope Funmilayo

It is like watching some young adults but does having a shower change the price of palm oil or drop the price of petroleum products? Loss of priorities!!Big Brother has lost taste to me. Can’t watch it anymore!


Davidson Adventure

This is treating the symptom, not the disease. What is the symptom? This company (and I don’t know which one) sponsoring this program. What is the disease? The TV ratings- the viewership of this program that goes into millions…the problem is with society, the problem is us who watch television. If we all reject Big Brother as  having no values and therefore boycott it, do you think that company will go sponsoring that program?

Same way the likes of Glo, MTN, Guinness spend millions of dollars sponsoring English premiership, that offfers no value, save for entertainment to the local populace. But commercial entities work with TV ratings…sad, but true. That’s the world we live in, as they pass up CSR to sponsor such program- as they reason (in their own wisdom) that the generality of Nigerians do not care for the plight of the less privileged as they do reality shows..Sad, but yet again that is the reality of present day marketing communications and the psyche of our society.


Arc Okpala Peter Okechukwu

It is a game of shame to mankind. Those organizing it are satanic agents. Every normal human being should not get involved in such a mess. They spend millions of dollars to show us people who f…k and how they award prizes for f…king.



BBN is a show I can’t waste my precious time watching. There is nothing they are teaching the younger generation aside the fact that they can make more money displaying their nudity.


Prince Ajayi

This is naija for you. The set of people running organization, running businesses and the economy , no vision, no purpose and no direction.



Straight from my heart. I kept asking yesterday how they didn’t see that the brand does not go with the show, but in Banky’s voice, is it my money, is it my money.


Umm Marzouq and Maht

Seriously, Mrs. TTT is trying sha, watching her hubby do all that with Bisola. Menh, money is a b…h. He better win the 25million.




There’s a notorious programme currently going on called The Big Brother Naija. The winner of this notorious show is expected to walk away with a whopping N25 million and a breathtaking car. All that is required to win this show is to be Live with a bunch of fellow crazy, irresponsible people, do all sorts of immoral things, and, viola, you’re the winner.

Next thing, you’re called a celebrity, winning big advertisement contracts and becoming the face of multinational companies.

If only there could be an educating version of this programme. If only they could house some intelligent people in like manner and make them compete for similar prizes. But, no! Our people do not encourage sanity. Our society promotes evil over good, indecency over decency, immorality over morality, and ungodliness over godliness.

The best in Mathematics competitions will go home with either a carton of cowbell milk or Indomie noodles, ridiculous stipends and laughable prizes. Yet these morons in BBN will earn millions for coming to suck breasts, speak thrash, display nudity, and get under the sheets on International TVs.

Our rich individuals, companies and corporate organisations will spend huge sums of money sponsoring dirty shows like BBN and Beauty Pageants where they will enthrone satanic activities, display nudity, molest our under aged girls, and make them win on bottom power rather than on real beauty and brains. Can anyone forget the Anambra State born Chidinma Okeke saga in a hurry?

What a wasted generation! What a time! How do we raise, nurture and produce the next Chike Obis, Chinua Achebes, Wole Soyinkas, Cyril Stover, Apostle Olatunde Adekunle, and yes, P.O.C. Akorefes? What foundation are we laying for coming generations? What message of hope and legacy are we leaving behind? What epistle are we sending to the future to testify to it that the past made some level of contributions. Is Immorality the legacy we really want to hand down to the next generation? Are we not losing our minds?

Let all people of goodwill come together and raise alarm against this dirty programme. Let us all with one voice and in unison say, “We’ve had enough of this nonsense.” Let us blow the trumpet in Zion and declare war on these encouragers of evil tendencies and promoters of these demonic programmes targeted at our highly impressionable youths. We should see that this programme is replaced with a more intelligent and educative programme.

Nigeria is broke morally and financially, yet the sponsors are wasting millions of Naira on a highly immoral programme. Please, what is the lesson that one can learn from this Big Brother show? What can our YOUTHS pick from it? I know this kind of write up doesn’t get many shares. But if we keep quiet, then we are silent .



As part of events for the reality show, it is expected that celebrities would pop in once a while to check on the housemates so as to motivate them. Ex-Big Brother Africa housemate, Tayo Faniran made a guest appearance in the house. The PayPorte Brand Ambassador paid them a visit to deliver their shopping for Saturday night’s party and the eviction show. The Housemates couldn’t believe their eyes when he walked in there as he reacquainted himself with Biggie’s House.

He posed for photographs with the Housemates and then sat in the Lounge and had a chat with them. “You must start it now”, he said. “Just do it for yourself, don’t do it for the viewers, you all have equal opportunities”. “The house made me what I am, when you go out people will scream when they see you. It is hard to get used to it. One mistake I made was to think about the game in the House alone. I didn’t think about the outside world. It took me a long time to settle into the celebrity life, but I must say life is good.”

Sensational singer, Folarin Falana, popularly known as Falz also paid a visit to the house after his performance on Sunday. He was welcomed with dance steps by the housemates. He also had awesome interactions with the housemates.

The likes of Mr. Ibu and Ice Prince, Emmanuel Ikubese also visited Biggie’s house.



The old Big Brother Africa house located at the Sasani Studios in Highlands North, Johannesburg, South Africa played host to Big Brother Naija.

Modern, trendy, classy and sophisticated are some of the words to describe Big Brother Naija house. The house is technically well equipped with Biggie watching 24/7, thanks to the 28 cameras and 64 mircrophones. There are unique accessories throughout the house creating a Cosy and homey ambiance.

Also, there are dozen chairs and things to sit on everywhere, including designer wood stools. It has a well lit garden with walls high up heavens, an expansive lounge with state of the art interiors.

The diary room has no ample space like other rooms in the house. Cosy but with a lone furniture, housemates can sit on, it has a relaxing atmosphere that makes you talk for long without realizing it. You never get the feeling that you have spoken too much and you will really feel as you are being listened to.



The producers of Big Brother Naija thought it well before moving the reality show to South Africa. If staged in Nigeria, it would have eaten deep into their pockets, and probably Multichoice would have incurred a loss. Here is a breakdown of how much it would cost if staged in Nigeria…



The studio complex which would house contestants for a period of 11 weeks would have been rented.

Multichoice has a standard which they wouldn’t want to lower, hence they wouldn’t spare no cost obtaining the best edifice in the high brow area of Lagos state to stage the reality show for 11 weeks. Banana Island might be a choice place, to get an apartment that could be used for that purpose. It would cost N12million.

The apartment must be furnished to taste with state of the art interiors, gadgets , appliances such as cameras, mircrophones, furniture. All of N100million would be lavished to make the house prim and proper, habitable for the 12 housemates for a period of 11 weeks.



Housemates are usually spoilt silly , fed like royalty with every type of food and condiments one could think of-champagne, fruits, assorted wines, juices. The list is endless. The refrigerators are often well stocked to last as long as possible. To feed 11 housemates for three months, all of N10 million was spent.



Talented acts from all over Nigeria were invited to electrify the stage at the opening ceremony. Yemi Alade, Flavor, K9, performed at the opening gala. While some other artists were invited to perform at the weekly eviction party, the likes of Seyi Shay, Falz, DJ Waxxy and many more to perform in subsequent eviction parties, Multichoice would spend N30million.



Toiletries would be ordered from leading stores and taken to Biggie’s house while stylist, Barbers would also be invited to the house to give housemates new looks. Interestingly, all of N2million would be needed.



Weeks after the opening gala, Nigerian lawyer and media personality Ebuka Obi Uchendu who was a housemate in the maiden edition of the show was announced as the host of BBN. In 2006, Ebuka went in as one of the 14 housemates but was evicted on the 57th day of the show. Sources squealed to ENCOMIUM weekly that he got N5 million for the job of a host.



If BBN was staged in Nigeria, it would have remained totally impossible to bring in all the necessary gadgets from South Africa. Most of the high tech equipment would have been leased. The sum of N100 million would be budgeted for all sophisticated equipment for a sound recording.



Celebrities have been visiting the housemates since the reality show kicked   off, the likes of Tayo Faniran, ex Big Brother Africa housemate, comic actor Mr. Ibu, ex Mr. Nigeria Emmanuel Ikubese and a host of others have paid courtesy visit to the house. At least N10 million would be spent on that.



To ensure a smooth production and hitch free show, it would be necessary to fly in expatriates from neighbouring countries to man the affairs of the reality show. At least, N10 million would do for bringing them in, accommodating, and feeding them as well.



They wouldn’t be less than 40 that would be recruited for the period of 11weeks housemates would spend in the house. Monitoring cameras, microphones, doing studio works, movements in and out of the house. The organizers would spend N50millon for feeding, accommodating and other welfare packages for the crew.



All of N25million would go to the winner of the show plus a KIA Sorento car worth N12million.



Big Brother Nigeria Season one kicked off in 2006, 12 housemates were isolated in a house spending 92 days and competing for $100,000. It was aired on DSTV channel 37 from March 5 to June 4, 2006. 26 year old Aduwak.





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