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Bukky Ajayi’s 3 sons on her last days

-‘She died before eating pap at 11:23 am’

-‘She survived breast cancer in the 70s’

-‘She coped with her hypertension and diabetes’

+Inside the flat where she died

The remains of versatile veteran actress, Madam Bukky Ajayi were laid to rest according to Islamic rites on Wednesday, July 6, 2016, at Atan Cemetery. The 8th day fidau will hold on Wednesday, July 13, 2016, at Secretariat Central Mosque, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a brief chat with Mama’s three sons.

‘My mother died of old age’ – Oluwole Shoga



Can we meet you, sir?

My name is Alfred Oluwole Shoga. I am the first born of Mama Bukky Ajayi. I am now 61.

How would you describe mama?

She was a very good woman. She was nice, hard working and very prayerful. She was a caring and loving mother, especially to her grandchildren. She remains a fantastic mother till her death.

Mama was a very good and loving mother. She left a legacy of agape love. Mama Bukky Ajayi lived a very simple life which she wanted everybody close to her to emulate. Mama never wanted any of her children to lack any thing.

Whenever we visited, she would rather give us gifts instead of us giving to her. Mama was very kind.

How would you describe her death?

It was very shocking. Nobody expected it, especially myself. When I was told I was shocked, just like that, my mother has gone. It was a great shock.

But mama was old enough.

(Cuts in) Yes, but to me, the death was too early. As a human, it’s too early to me but not to God because what’s too early to man may not be too early before God. It’s God that knows better. And as an elderly person, I also have to accept it’s time. We give glory to God for her life.

This means you didn’t witness her last moment?

Yes, I went somewhere but I had to rush down here and met them preparing for her burial.

We learnt she had warned that her burial shouldn’t be delayed being a muslim?

That’s exactly what she said. Actually, she had been telling us that long before she passed on. There was a time she even told us if we’re informed of her death and we failed to rush back home, it’s very much likely that she might have been buried before our arrival. When I remembered that, my wife and I and children quickly packed our things and rushed down home.

How come that your mother died a muslim and you’re a Christian?

Yes, mama was a muslim and I am a Christian. In this side of the world, it’s the husband that a woman marries that determines her religion. A woman doesn’t usually choose a religion herself. She was born a Christian but got converted to Islam in 1975 through the father of my youngest brother which happened to be her last born. That’s Dr. Shina Famola (Kunle’s father). And as a muslim, your wife must also be a muslim.

What of your dad, her first husband, is he alive or dead as well?

My dad has passed away since 2001 at 83.

Both of them died almost at the same age…

(Laughs) may God be pleased with their souls.

When did mama celebrate her last birthday?

That’s few months ago. I can’t remember the date exactly.

What really was the cause of her death? Did she die of diabetes as reported?

Death can come through any means. Forget about the issue of diabetes. Even at 40, one can be diabetic. It’s old age and she had gone to rest.

How many children do you have?

My first son, Olaolu graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). The second one, Oluwatosin, University of Lagos and the third one is Grace Bukola, Yaba College of Technology. That means mama had eight grandchildren.

What would you miss most about mama?

I would miss everything about mama. Sincerely, I troubled mama. I mean, I am the first born and very stubborn but upon all, mama still loved me. I will miss her but I thank God she gave us a good legacy to accommodate each other. And we have stayed together.

What legacy did you learn from mama?

You are to live a simple life and accommodate each, respect other people’s feelings. I have nobody to trouble again.

How are you preparing for the burial ceremony?

Yes, we are still meeting. I would let you know our resolution concerning mama’s burial.





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