Cast tell all about Shuga series adventure (2)

‘It was a learning experience’- CHRIS ATTOH (Nii)

Chris AttohWhat is Shuga all about and what does it mean to you on a personal level?

MTV Base Shuga is not just a TV show that continues to entertain but also educates. It is more a way of life now for me, a campaign that sets out to change lives. One that will revolutionise HIV awareness everywhere. The show is even broader this season because it touches also on domestic violence in the home and other sensitive issues, and not just on HIV awareness. And on a personal level, I couldn’t be happier to be a part of something this important. As long as lives are changed for the better, my work as an actor in the series is successfully done.

Tell us about how you got your role in Shuga?

I was attending to some work in Ghana when I heard about the audition, I have been fortunate enough to hear about the first two seasons. This was something I immediately decided to be a part of and flew to Lagos to audition, and here we are!

1-Chris Attoh plays Nii in Shuga - Lagos (BW0A1139)Tell us about your character or role in Shuga?

Nii Addo is a mean guy who does mean things with a smile on his face. Nii is a man who craves power and being in control which are normally great attributes except in this case the above also highlight his grave insecurities. Insecurity soon replaces love when he starts to  physically take it out on his newly married wife after discovering that he is not as in control as he  thought while working for Solomon, his boss.

Tell us why you think you got the part in Shuga and how do you feel about your role on this series?

Every casting audition is different. But I believe if you understand the character you are reading for and you listen to the casting director, you will come up with something close to what they are looking for, if not dead on. I believe that’s how I got the role. It’s really fascinating to play all these characters that are very different from myself. It allows me to explore other sides of myself I choose not to be. And it can be a lot of fun but also educating, and that’s one of the perks of playing a wife beating, insecure husband.

1-Chris Attoh plays Nii in Shuga - Lagos (BW0A1174)What was your experience working with the Shuga crew like?

It was a great learning experience and has been truly inspiring.  I had to step out of my comfort zone and the crew were so supportive throughout.

What was your most challenging experience on the set of Shuga.

Doing my own stunts for a particular car scene was definitely something. I’ve always liked to do my own stunts since it adds to the ultimate performance from the actor. But learning how to run into a car for two weeks so it’s safe but still looks awesome was hard. Like I said, it was a truly fascinating and learning experience.



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