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CELEBRATING FELA 20 YEARS AFTER: ‘ ‘Eve of death, Fela is alive’ – Femi insists

BARELY 24 hours before the death of Fela, on Friday, August 1, 1997, at Motherlan’, where Femi Auikulapo Kuti (his son) was supposed to perform (the show was aborted due to the late evening rainfall), he spoke with NATIONAL ENCOMIUM on his father’s health saying, “Fela is alive, he is weak but now responding to treatment”

He said the doctor confirmed that there was still a chance for him to survive the ailment, adding that Fela was not dead.

Reacting to those who reported Fela’s death, he said he never knew where they got their information from since none of the family members said such.

Femi, who came to Motherlan’ with his wife, Funke, in his 505 Peugeot Station Wagon car said the show was aborted because of the rain.

People persuaded him to perform because the rain stopped later. He declined.

Optimism, however, failed him as his 59 year-old father died the following day.



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