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CELEBRATING FELA 20 YEARS AFTER:  Fela an icon -Gbadamosi, others react

RENOWNED playwright and vice chairman of Music Society of Nigeria, Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi, has described the late Afro music impresario, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, as an icon of his generation.

On his part, Tunde Kuboye, the engineer cum musician said Fela is the greatest instrument of change and a fighter of the masses that will be difficult to replace.

“I knew him since my days at Baptist High School. l am used to his conversations, sharing of ideals and jokes. I’ll miss his new songs. He’s a genius, an achiever, inspiratin, a musical legend whose works would live on forever.

“He might be dead in the physical but spiritually we will communicate.

“Fela’s death is a warning to all of us if Fela can die of AIDS.

“I admire the courage of the Kuti family to have come out to tell the whole world. We would all be careful about our sex life.”


“It is impossible, Fela cannot die of AIDS.  Don’t think Fela can be killed by any disease. As far as I concerned the man died because his time was up. Fela is a unique person physically, spiritually and musically.”



“I met Fela spiritually before I met him in person. The first time I met him in Italy at the airport, I saw some energy come out of him. He was shining. I’ll really miss him. I’ve been crying all day. I don’t know how I’ll cope. He was like my guardian.”

-Mikael Alvatario. Italian who travels to Nigeria thrice yearly to consult Fela.


“Fela as we all know is not a small fry, we should not treat his corpse anyhow. He deserves a big burial. We should also find means of immortalising his name, although we know that his works will do a better part of that. We that appreciate him should be able to do something in our own little way.”

– Sir Shina Peters



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