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Celebrating Fela 20 years after: Where he died

THE last two weeks of Fela’s life was spent in opulence at the luxurious Victoria Island Consultancy and Hospital Services Ltd., on Ligali Ayorinde.

The hospital, a two-storey affair with cream and burgundy mosaic all over it, was a befitting place to take Africa’s greatest music legend. The corner piece property’s reception reminds you of the best health centre anywhere around the world.

The tiles on the floor sparkled, and the masonia chairs and table screamed. The upholstery of the furniture is grayish.

But our inquisitiveness didn’t get us past the reception manned by a young lady in green uniform. She refused to allow us to ask any questions. “Let me get a doctor on the phone for you”, she said.

“Good afternoon, Madam”, we greeted the woman at the other end of the line that Sunday, August 3, 1997.

“Good afternoon. What can I do for you”.

“I’m a journalist from NATIONAL ENCOMIUM. I just want you to spare me a few minutes. We need some information on Fela.”

“Sorry, I can’t help you. The only person that can, our medical director, is abroad”.

“Just a few minutes,” we pressed.

“No, I can’t. I’m too busy.”

“Just a few minutes,” we insisted.

“No, I’m too busy.”

“Thank you,” we greeted.

“Thank you”.

However, a source maintained that Fela died in Room 01 on the first floor. That the room is fairly large and has all the paraphernalia of opulence. But we could not confirm this information.

The next day after he died, Fela was moved to the mortuary at LAGOS University Teaching Hospital (Idiaraba) where he was embalmed.




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