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Chika Ike confesses – ‘I want a man who can make me happy’

BEAUTIFUL screen diva, Chika Ike is currently counting her blessings.  She has been doing well for herself in the make believe world. She also joined the league of brand ambassadors a couple of weeks back. 

ENCOMIUM Weekly took her up in a chat about her career, endorsement and her numerous trips abroad.

Chike Ike - Vol 1 (24)What has been happening to Chika Ike?

2014 started up as a very busy year for me.  I have been working.  Aside that, I got a contract with a London firm.  They are manufacturers of Bullet energy drink.  Then, my foundation is also there.  We have been working, it has been a very busy year.

You have been travelling a lot these days, are they business or leisure related?

I travel once every year.  I take a vacation every year, a must vacation. I believe when you work hard, you should find time to cool off as well, that is why it is a must for me to go on vacation once a year.  I spend at least 10 days.  I took the vacation in December/January.  The other one is more of a business trip. I was invited by Bullet energy drink.  From there, I went to Paris to spend some days.

Careerwise, what are you working on?

I have a lot in the pipeline which I don’t want to talk about for now.

How many films have you featured in this year?

I have done close to seven movies or more.  I am on one project now.  I am not allowed to talk about it until we are through with the project.

Did you set targets for yourself at the beginning of the year?  How far will you say you have gone in meeting them?

I have always set the bar high for myself.  Most times, I exceed it.  The plan for this year is still on, I believe with time, it will speak for itself. It will become glaring for all to see.

chika_ikeIt was alleged that you relocated to Abuja sometime back, why did you make that move?

I did not relocate to Abuja.  I still live in Lagos, that is just a rumour. It is not true.  I only have a business in Abuja.

How easy is it to manage the business from Lagos?

I go to Abuja often to check my business.  You don’t have to be there before things work out.  Once you have a good management overseeing things for you, I don’t think there will be a problem.

Congratulations on your endorsement.

Thank you very much.

How does it feel clinching such a deal?

I feel very honoured to be working with a multinational company that has branches all over the world.  It is a privilege to be identified with them.  They have built their reputation over the years and they are doing great in the industry.

How long is the deal going to last?

It is just one year for now, the remaining is left between me and the company.

Chika-Ike-3How did you clinch the deal?

There is always a selection process.  They wanted someone who can represent their brand, they made their inquiries and I was chosen. I was contacted through my management, they invited me and I went over, that is all.

How much is it worth?

You expect me to tell you that?  It is worth it, that is all I can say.

Your fans are of the opinion that you are spending most of your money on trips and vacation, what do you have to say to that?

I should have myself worrying about that, it shouldn’t bother my fans at all.  I am the one working, I should be the one to worry about the money I make, nobody should do that for me.

A lot of people are questioning the source of the money, they don’t believe you are rich enough for all the luxuries?

I am a businesswoman. I have a store I operate.  I am an actress, I am always working.  Can’t I pay my bills from what I make?  If I work hard, I think I should be able to pay my bills from what I earn.

Apart from Fancy Nancy and your acting career, what else fetches you money?

I have some other business here and there. I shouldn’t let all I do out to the public.

ChikaikeDivorceWhat is up with your NGO?

I have a lot going on there as well, we are planning on inviting the manufacturers of Bullet energy drink to come on board.

Is Chika Ike in a relationship now?

No comment. I think at this point in my life, I should keep some things to myself.

When are you giving marriage a shot again?

When God pleases, when I am ready.

What do you want in a man?

I want someone that will make me happy.  I don’t want to start listing this quality or that quality. I just want to be happy. Once he can make me happy, that is all.



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