Colombia’s Bogota is world’s most unsafe city for women to travel – survey

A new survey of about 6,550 women and gender experts shows that Latin American cities have the most dangerous transport systems for women, with Colombia’s Bogota considered the most unsafe.
The city, despite it being the capital, has no city train system, rather it has a network of red buses; it is followed in the list by Mexico City (Mexico).
Completing the list are Lima (Peru, 3rd); Delhi (India, 4th); Jakarta (Indonesia, 5th); Buenos Aires (Argentina, 6th); Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia, 7th); Bangkok (Thailand, 8th) Moscow (Russia, 9th) Manila (Philippines 10th) Paris (France, 11th) and Seoul (South Korea, 12th).
New York (the most populous city in the USA) ranked the safest.



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