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Comedian, Akpororo shares his joy at Airtel deal, new Range Rover and more

Jephta Bowoto, rather known as Akpororo, the anointed comedian, is currently enjoying some good times in his career. He not too long ago bagged an endorsement deal with Airtel; after that, he pampered himself with a Range Rover SUV.

In this chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly, he talked about this, his recent show and more.

Congratulations on your endorsement deal with Airtel. How does it feel representing such an international brand?

Thank you very much. I can’t explain how it feels, but I will say it feels great.

How juicy is the deal?

I will say the pay is good. That kind that runs down your battery due to bank alerts. You can imagine it.

How long is it to run?

It’s a two year contract, for now.

What are you expected to do as an ambassador of the brand?

To represent the brand as positively as I can.

Your show Akpororo Vs Akpororo has come and gone. How would you rate it?

I would rate the show Akpororo Vs Akpororo as a five star one. God did beyond what I asked or thought. I am grateful to Him. He has indeed done more than I asked or though according to His word.

How do you respond to complaints of some who were at the show?

Some said it was underwhelming. You cannot satisfy human beings, no matter how hard you try. Anyone that said the show wasn’t up to their expectation certainly wasn’t at the show.

You recently joined the league of big boys acquiring a Range Rover; accept our congratulations. How does that feel?

Thank you oooo, but big boys leagues no way. I still dey serve oooo. But it feels good seeing all your hard work pay off. We thank God.

Would you say you are satisfied with where you are in your career?

No way, I’m just starting. All what the entertainment industry has seen of me so far is just the tip of the iceberg. I will get crazy even more. Madness has so far paid well so I can’t get normal again. So, they should watch out for more from me and the Roro House. A lot of big things have been planned, keep your fingers crossed.

What more is left for you to achieve?

So many lands are yet to be conquered. I just launched my clothing line which will be out to the public soon, my music career is on the rise too. I have a registered company known as Roro House with comedians, dancers, singers and models. So, I’ve not achieved anything yet.

What would you say is behind the success you have achieved so far?

God and only God. I can’t praise Him and be poor, or fail. No way. He said I should praise Him and He would bless me in return. So that’s what you see today.




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