Comedian GBENGA ADEYINKA on success of Ibadan Laffmatazz, The Evolution

THE Season 4 edition of Gbenga Adeyinka’s Laffmatazz tagged, The Evolution took place on Easter Sunday, April 20, 2014, at Kakanfo Inn and Conference Centre, Ibadan, Oyo State.  The hugely successful show witnessed quality crowd and artistes which was quite overwhelming.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with the originator of the show about its success and any noticeable lapses.


How would you rate this year’s edition of your show, The Evolution?

So far, it is the most successful of all our shows.  We called it The Evolution and everything lived up to its billing.  All our artistes were there, the weather was okay, the setting was also okay.

What were some of the lapses you noticed?

By and large, we have overcome the lapses of the previous years but we still have work to do, so that we can continue to have a fantastic show year in, year out.  We also want to work on our timing so that Christians can go to church, come back, relax before the show starts.

How much did it gulp?

We spent close to N20 million.

Did you rake in all you invested?

My sister, God is good.  Don’t let me say more than that.  God gave us all we asked of Him, that is the most important of all.

What about the quality of crowd?

The crowd was vintage.  Everything I asked God for, He did it for me.  Everything went well.

Looking back, which was your best edition so far and why?

This is the most successful of all our editions.  The very first edition was the most sentimental but this time around, I will give it to this particular edition.  From the quality of crowd, to the quality of artistes, the stage and everything, everything really went well as expected.

What other things are you looking at injecting in subsequent editions to make it better?

I think it is time to do less crowd in terms of artiste, we will concentrate more on quality artistes on the show.  I am also thinking of going to the international scene for both comedians and artistes.  I don’t have any particular person in mind yet but we will work on it.  As many names as come to my head, we will make a move towards inviting them for the next edition of the show.

When is it coming to Lagos?

I don’t really know yet, but whenever we decide to park in Lagos, you will know.  I believe we will park well.  For now, the next  port of call is Osun State.

Do you think you will be accepted over there as well?

We were in Oshogbo last year.  The people received us well.  The people are always there, it is just left for us to do quality show and also work on our publicity.




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