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Commuters notice construction on the Niger Bridge

For months, regular Nigerian travelers had to stay home due to government-imposed restrictions on interstate travel. As the lockdown protocols however eased, some interesting stories have begun to emerge from commuters across the country.

Returning to something after many months of being away has a way of making it look different, maybe even new, and for commuters who have gotten back on the road, a lot of things look like they have really changed. One of the things commuters have reported that doesn’t seem imagined is some ongoing development on the Niger Bridge.

To date, there has been no official mention of maintenance activity on the popular Niger Bridge. However, the people heading to the South-Eastern part of the country have reported some new figurations on the iconic bridge.

The Niger Bridge is a significant monument that represents the industrious nature of the Igbo people. It is hard to miss when traveling to the South-Eastern part of the country, as it was completed in 1965 as a means to connect the Western part of the country with the South East.

The bridge thrives today as a major trade route for business people dealing in everything from textiles to livestock and food materials. Not forgetting homesick south-easterners, returning home after voyaging out of their states in search of progress.

Pictures of the new construction first appeared within the Nigerian Twitter space and quickly got everyone talking, speculating about what could be going on, with a number of people planning trips to the East looking forward to seeing things for themselves.

It will be interesting to see what these developments will be, and if 2020 is anything to go by, we better get ready for another shocker.



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