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Cost of surviving in Lagos jumps to N100,000 per month (2)

Surviving in Lagos now cost an arm and leg! The skyrocketing cost of living has made many household increase their budgets. Some are still finding it difficult to cope with the economic woes the country is battling with. We sampled opinions of married men and women this week on how much it cost to survive in Lagos State during this recession.



It takes a whole lot of money to survive in Lagos. Is it the skyrocketing house rent, school fees, high price of food stuffs that one would talk about?  It is actually much. I pay N250,000 per annum for my house rent. That is about N21,000 per month.  I spend at least N50,000 on feeding my family monthly.  I have three children and I pay N150,000 per term as school fees. Not to talk of other expenses.  One must have at least N300,000 per month to survive.



Surviving on the leanest budget will take nothing less than N150,000 per month.  With that, you shouldn’t expect any luxury at all. Just the most important things that would allow for survival.

From feeding the household to medicals, school, feeding and other miscellaneous expenses.



It all depends on the size of the family, their monthly income.  The standard of living, if the couple are both working, they would need more. At least we should be looking at N250,000 per month.



I have never calculated it before. I just know you must tighten your belt well if you are to survive in Lagos. At least a decent flat would go for N300,000 per annum.  Feeding per month for a family of five would be N100,000, depending on their taste and how often they eat. School fees also depend on the location and standard of school.  For me, I would say N300,000 would be enough to survive in a month.



I would need N600,000. I try as much as possible to give my family the best. From accommodation to feeding, medicare and other necessities.



It depends on the standard of living of that family.  If they are the rich type, they would need about one million in a month.  If it is an average family, they would need N250,000 per month.  For the less privileged, they would need at least N100,000.



We don’t need less than N500,000  monthly, if we are not ready to manage.  But it is unfortunate that I don’t get that amount in a month.  That is how bad things are. We just try to manage anyhow we see.



It takes about N600,000 to survive in a month provided the couple are both working.  Fueling the car, school fees, house rent, feeding, most especially, that takes a whole lot of money more than any other thing monthly.



It is relative.  The amount it would take Mr. A and his family to survive is different from the one it would take me to survive.  Our incomes differ, our standard of living differs, our tastes also differ. The most important thing is that we should not go beyond our income, no matter how, that is why it is important to have more than one string of income.  As for me, I am a civil servant, my salary is not much. Based on my salary, I would say it takes N100,000 monthly for my family to survive.



It takes N150,000 to survive in a month.  If we calculate well, it might exceed that. The money doesn’t come once so, one may not really be sure of how much one spends in a month.



Maybe N200,000. The bulk of it goes to feeding, then house rent. Because they don’t give us light constantly, we use generator daily.  Buying petrol for generator and then for the car is another expenditure.



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