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Cotilda’s Fashion and Ngoni-&-House of Okosun to showcase at AFWL 2016


Originally from Malawi, Central Africa and now based in the United Kingdom, Cotilda from an early age was inspired by her mum’s love of sewing. Learning how to transform ideas into beautifully tailored clothing, she developed a passion for making her ideas come to life. After gaining experience working with some of the best teachers in the UK, Cotilda took the first steps to set up her own business.

Today, Cotilda’s passion drives her to create the very best clothing for her clients. From design through to creation, her eye for detail and flair for fashion is clear.

“It is through the mixture of materials that we can learn about other cultures; colours, patterns and materials being the tool of communication.’’


A collaboration between two friends, hailing from Zambia and Sierra Leone – South meets West Africa as Ngoni & House of Okosun.

Their collection is inspired by the daily intertwining of their current Western influences and their richly cultural heritage.  Their debut collection is a glamorous celebration of the modern day fashion conscious individual who wants to embrace African fashion with a modern twist.



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