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DBanj, My Lagos, I miss the food, hold up when I’m not in town’

The cool dude shuttles between London and Lagos because he can’t live without Lagos fans…


Where do you live in Lagos?

I stay in Maryland. My house is in Maryland because it’s my dad’s house.

What is your earliest memory of Lagos?

That might have been in the 80s. We were staying at Mile 2, Amuwo Odofin, I could remember, Block 48 Flat 6. I was nine, that’s 1988 to 1989.

What do you like most about Lagos?

Traffic light. At times, I’m scared of the security of the whole Lagos. When I mean security generally – armed robbers and everything.

What do you miss when you are outside Lagos?

My fans. I will not lie, I miss fans. I miss the clubs in Lagos: Do It All, 11:45, White House, Extreme, all these lovely places and I miss the acceptance. It’s a different thing when you are outside Lagos, when you are outside your town and you are performing to white people or non-Lagosians and you are now in Lagos performing to your own set of people, the way they accept you is different somehow. I miss the food and at times I even miss what I hate most – I miss the holdup at times.

Where do you shop in Lagos?

When I am in Lagos, I shop at Lagos Island, different places and I like some different designers here in Nigeria. They do normal clothes. I shop anywhere there is good stuff.

What’s your favourite Lagos hangout or club?

I will say my Lagos’ best club maybe because they have been the one that show me more love, I like 11:45 a lot, on the Island, and White House, on the Mainland.

How do you move around in Lagos?

I drive.

What kind of car do you drive?

I drive different cars. I like big cars like Toyota Previa. It is big and can pack me and my whole kokolets at once and extra kokolets on the road.

Who is your favourite Lagos celebrity?

My favourite Lagos celebrity is 2Face. I like Faze, I think there are so many talents here but I think I like this guy too, I can’t remember his name.

Apart from Lagos, what other city are you attached to?

I like Abuja because it’s much like London. The streets are so quiet, no traffic, the security is okay. I think it’s just the beauty.


(First published in 2005)




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