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Detained masquerades accused of theft and public nuisance regain freedom

It was almost like a comic scene last week when two masquerades alongside some hoodlums were arrested by the Police at Elere area of Agege, Lagos state. While some people just laughed at the incident, others were curious as to how a masquerade got arrested for robbing people and causing chaos in the community.

To further spoil things, the paramount ruler of Agege community denied recognizing the masquerades who attacked the Policemen at the time of their arrest, almost causing commotion in the area.

Meanwhile, gathered from a reliable source who pleaded anonymity, that the arrested masquerades had regained their freedom after some due processes. When asked the identity of the masquerades, our source revealed that he only knows one of them.

“I know only one of them and that is DJ Culture,” he said.

Having called him DJ Culture, we asked if the masquerade is a disc jockey. “Yes, he is a DJ, his real name is Ademola Obawole. He has been into this traditional stuff for a while now. In fact, he was supposed to celebrate his own ‘Isese day’ on Saturday, October 7, but he was already in detention then. That’s why he couldn’t do the festival.

“The masquerade with which he was arrested belongs to his mother’s family. His mother is from Orile-Agege”.

Our source who also said: “I believe his arrest was planned but he wasn’t the target of the arrest. The masquerade they wanted to arrest had paraded on Monday, October 2. It was just unfortunate that he was arrested in another person’s place.

“Thank God they were granted bail.”


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