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Dino Melaye denies degree mess, roasted on social media

Senator Dino Melaye, 43, has denied the report that he never graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria  (Kaduna state), with B.Sc Geography in 1998/99 session.
But reports say his name was not in the booklet of graduates as he failed a number of courses. A copy of his second semester result tabulating the courses he failed also surfaced.
Here are the tweets from Sahara Reporters:

The senator representing Kogi West replied:

And here are some comments on the scandal the senator attributed to the rejection of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s chairman, Ibrahim Magu:

Emeka Duru:

But he was in ABU and attended lectures abi?let us manage him like that,afterall some people don’t even have WAEC and they presented Nepa bill as certificate.


Owoyemi Ayorinde:

I am sure he (Dino) wouldn’t have involved himself in politics even to the Federal level, and still have the courage to challenge those that have godfathers both in lower & upper chambers, this should be far from tru… #IstandwithsenatorDino#


Ikechukwu Enekweizu:

Once u stand up in Nigeria and do the right thing,they will look for a way to spoil ur image,because he played a major role in rejecting magu,that’s why he suddenly become under graduate,nonsense,shame on APC,stupid government


Sunday Dickson:

dis a very bad omen for dis country, once u criticize dem, dey wil com up wit rubbish, it might b Apostle and Dino today, i wonder who will be the next……


Ekanem Ekerette:

Hahaha story story. Dino forged ABU certificate. If EFCC knew about this and covered it up it means they found out Buhari submitted NEPA bill for WASC and cover it up too. Dino is too brilliant to go for a drop out. Is EFCC just discovering that now? A…See More


Taiwo Olukotun Barcelona:

And he also bribe to get nysc certificate? Brethren this a cooked story. Dino was too popular in ABU back then not to have graduated. Looke for another way to nail him.


Diego Godwin:

If we can consider a president who tender a Nepa bill as Waec result how then someone who attended ABU regardless of the fact that he bribed his way out, Mr. President till date couldn’t tender a valid Waec result, to prove that he attended secondary school, I have come to understand that any man who stands for the truth usually gets problem in this Administration


Tope Joledo:

Hahaha, drama wan begin, dem don open dino file, before u condemn someone b sure u re clean urself, eventhough I’m a strong admirer of Dino’s politics and sagacity I’ll b appaled to c him get nailed, usin dis medium and style used by d govt


Oumar Farouk Lawal:

When Dino was slaughtering the PDP with his eloquent calumnious campaign, they didn’t crop up this laughable allegation. Shameless APC!


Viktor Chizim:

He is just a Law maker without certificate, no wahala we can understand, cos evn our dear president nva saw d four walls of a university!


Emmanuel Maduka Ekwefi:

Is this what the EFCC cooked for senator Dino?. This does not have good taste, they should cook different one.

He is more better than others who don’t have common waec certificate, hence turning Nigeria upside down.


Evelyn Abulu Dawodu:

No wahala since he passed through d university whether he graduated or not unlike some who didn’t even know how a university lecture hall looks like let alone sitting for ordinary SSCE exam.


Juditha Onyekwelu:

It seems if you challenge any cartel’s boys/APC/or the cabals, you will be messed up, setup, accused, framed. If you speak the truth about Hausa Fulani, they will mess you up. This is DEMOCRACY made in Naija; Alias APC system ” change”. Please don’t set me up ooh for this comment ooh!!


Bashir Baban Bilal:

I wonder how people defend what they have no knowledge about. Let Dino speak for himself. Is it not why he said they are planing to nail him?. They say ” person wet carry stick on the shoulder no dey realise say the back long pass the front “.


Djee Emmy:

It is unfortunate that, anybody appointed by President Buhari automatically becomes an angel, while anybody who speaks against Buhari and his incompetent APC led government, will automatically becomes a corrupt person. YYY?


Ahamefule Stephen:

What Nigeria construction required from someone to mountain of leadership is secondary school living certificate (School certi).,As it stand buhari is the only person that does not have it. Secondly our said if you are killing animald with odoor, you have to start with he goat. So buhari should be punish first. Change should start with buhari as first citizen.leaders must lead by example.


Fred Igbewien Omata:

if an intellectual and intelligent man like dino melaye is said to be a drop out then who is that person complaining that our university educational system is poor? i say this bcos in my own opinion very few graduate of the harvard and oxford universities of this world can floor dino melaye as those who went to school.


David Audu:

What type of nation are we in, what manner of journalism is dis dis Sahara reporter’s are dey a political party or dey are news media so he who speaks against dis government or stand 4 justice must b arrested or blackmailed i pity nigerians n i pity dis government


Chika Chiakpo Arinze:

It is obvious that what the news men do now. When you have a problem with govt or any govt officials, they will be looking for a way to bring you down.

It is a pity.

If you say the truth, you will die, if you lie, you will still die.


Ado Hussaini Ungo:

All those defending Dino here are just wasting their time. Thank God Dino is alive to tell his side of the story and also Authority of ABU is there to tell us about the whole thing. If actually he did not graduate he should be summarily sanctioned and…See More


Haruna Yusuf:

Exposing one another, insulting one another disgracing one another jailing one another prosecuting one another harassing one another sentiment on one another backing one another will not take us to anywhere rather been their with experience on how to work with justice, fairness and integrity is what matters, so let us unite and speak out truth irrespective of ethnicity or religious.


Rotimi Desmond Betiku:

If he has a certificate, and he can defend it ,please leave the story .. He is even better than these journalists that graduated and still don’t know what they are doing.. #nailmeifyouwant


Honourable Mechie:

I don’t know why some people choose to argue blindly. Someone is talking about constitutional issue here and most people are talking rubbish. The issue here is not whether he passed through university or university passed through him. The issue is whet…See More


Stiv Ejimadu:

Graduate or certificate is no longer an issue in Nigeria, since President Buhari was on able to clear his own secondary school certificate, despite d fact it was during the military. APC has devalued Nigeria standard of Education since they enter seat….See More


Ibrahim Shaibu:

He just wrote his spill over course on his master program in ABU last week. He miss the exams. I beg make Una find another thing talk.


Godwin Nweke:

Tell if there is any lecturer who doesn’t collect money for students to pass exams and get certificate, is in nigeria’s education systems, so forget about his own


Obia Chibuike Elder:

Thank God he even went to ABU so there is no cause for alarm even if he didn’t graduate some pple are in power without a credible certificate so let him be


Muslim M Adam:

U see it yourselves? i just told you people that people like Dino are just shouting their voice to be heard as against the backdrop of the rainy days like this. thus if they are touched, they will simply say it’s bcos they’re fighting for the poor mass…See More


Micke Nelson:

APC is built on lies, deceit and propaganda, any day you dear speak the truth, that means you are speaking for your downfall. Did Dino bribe his way to obtain NYSC certificate after he allegedly bribed his way to graduate? Maluu should look for another super story because this one doesn’t hold water. He is far better than Bokohari that forged and falsified ordinary WAEC certificate that he successfully used to ruin the economy and plunged Nigeria into untold hardship, suffering and recession.


Othman Awoz:

How manage he had his second degree and currently undergoing his third degree in the same institution? Haba people, more over this same man has seven different degrees


Abubakar Sadiq Sa’eed:

A lot of people dont go to school so to then no diiference between nepa bill and school certificate, shame to those illeterates who dont know that any general in nigeria military is well educated.


Engr Ibraheem Yusuf:

Where is Buhari secondary certificate saga?? How can he was not graduated but he has NYSC certificate..go after the academic staff not Dino #isatndwithsenatorDino#


Mazi Hon:

Like seriously…..this government is really crazy,Only someone with foam in his brain would listen to whatever these idiots think they got on DINO.


Nwosu Henry:

Cooked up story, Dino graduated with good grades.How about Buhari that presented Nepa bill?.


Chrisantus Emmy:

Sahara reporters are the only news outlets that APC government uses to bring down those opposed the government. Too bad


Mfon Umoh:

Dino has no certificate yet he could express himself. Magu get certificate yet we could not understand what he is saying. Who is guilty?


Ogbomo Blessing:

He didn’t graduated and he was one time SUG excos and still went ahead to serve. If I were Melaye, I would have sue dis motherfuckers.


Godspower Nwani:

Up Dino Melaye! We love you! The Senator of the 8th Senate…Award! Fearless legislator!


Godspower Nwani:

Rubbish! You are saying this because of his vocal role in the Senate, especially the recent screening of Mr Magu… Nigerians are not fools!


Na Yeshua Getpower:

Fake news ok is President Buhari a graduate? If yes which university?


Christopher Tonmageino:

But does he have a WAEC cert? If yes he’s far better off than your f**kg……


Oladeji Easyark:

I am waiting for Dino reply I believe he will rubbish you


Chibueze King:

Just because he’s opposing the president, useless Hausa Fulani fools


Harrison Philip Marshall:

Investigation into it shows that he truly graduated…


Arthur Onyejekwe:

Let buhari present his own certificate first!!! Animals called Sahara desert and not reporters!!


Ndukuba Paul:

At least he has something to show. what of pmb whose file empty. hypocrites. can u prove he bribed lecturers?


Ajao Babatunde:

Naija, we want to start. Dem go spoil this guy record now.


Judel Quado Ossai:

And so? Do ur president has? He is a competent man. U want to witch hunt him bcos he talks loud without fear


Oghenegoma Favour :

His is even better, our president forged WAEC result that makes Dino better than Fulani herdsman.


Oluremi Olusoga :

If that is true that it’s not true let him say something we will like to hear from him or do we call the efcc to help out???



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