Entrepreneur FEYINTOLA IKOTUN unwraps reasons she’s into charity

FEYINTOLA Olatokunbo Ikotun is the amiable woman behind Markz Global, Markz Catering and God’s Own Band.  She will be a year older on Saturday, March 1, 2014.

The fair entrepreneur is reaching out to the less privileged in celebration of her birthday.  ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with her about this and much more…

Congratulations!  How does it feel adding another year?

I must tell you that I am so happy to see another year. I thank God.  A lot of things have happened in my life but God kept me.

MarksWhat are you most grateful for as you celebrate your birthday?

First, my life. I thank God that I am still a Christian.  I still know Him like before.  I thank God for my children and my business.  My life is full of testimonies.

Any regret at this stage?

Maybe the fact that I did not start early as a gospel artiste.  I knew I would do it but I just didn’t start on time.

You are not really known as a gospel artiste compared to being an entrepreneur.

I started singing four years ago.  I should have started earlier though.  I started singing since I was seven but I abandoned it till about four years ago.

How many songs do you have to your credit?

I have two singles and a video for now.  My album will be ready before July ending.

How are you celebrating your birthday?

I am going to the school for the blind in Surulere, Lagos. I will take gifts and food to them. My band will also be performing that day for the children. I have a manager who is organizing everything.  The press will be there, some celebrities are also coming.

What informed the decision to go into charity?

I like to give.  Most times when we are eating at home, I used to tell my children that there are some people who don’t have anything to put on their table.  I like making people happy.  I hate seeing people sad.  I have been doing charity for a long time. I usually go out once a month to give out to people. I have been to Little Saints Orphanage, Makoko Village.  There is another charity home I visit in Okota, Lagos.  I also go to hospitals to visit patients once in a while.

How do you get the money for all these projects?

Everything is self financed.  It has been God helping all the way.

Tell us the story of Markz, when and how did you discover you have a passion for catering?

Markz Catering is not up to three years, but Markz Global is up to 14.  I had Markz Beauty Home.  It is a boutique then, another place where I make women look beautiful.  A salon, spa and other beauty care services are rendered there.  I also have Markz Modelling as well.

How has it been as an entrepreneur?

It takes a lot of time but I thank God that I have a quality team now.  I just go there to supervise.  It can be stressful, but God has been faithful.  Cooking can be stressful, then you have to supervise as well to make sure your workers render quality service.  When I started the catering outfit, I thought of quitting at a stage because the stress was too much.  Thank God, things are better now.  I took the catering thing from my mom. She was a caterer before she retired.

What separates Markz from other catering outfits?

We satisfy our guests.  We do more than they even expect from us.  We give them good food and quality service.  All our equipment are imported because we want them to be treated as kings and queens.

Do you see God’s Own starting an eatery soon?

Not really, but I want a dessert shop. I am looking forward to setting up a place where people can walk in and get flavoured cakes.




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