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As the scarcity of petroleum products enters the third week, business owners have been counting their losses. Some of them ENCOMIUM Weekly spoke with narrated their ordeal and how to arrest the situation.


JULIUS AGWU, Reelaf Entertainment – Fuel scarcity is really biting hard and affecting every sector of the economy. From the manufacturing service sector and entertainment industry, the scarcity for fuel has paralysed business. We all need fuel to power our generators, for industrial, office and domestic use.

This fuel scarcity is killing business and the Federal Government should save Nigerians from this problems. To void this, we need to fix our refineries.


GBENGA ADEWUSI, Bayowa Films International –  It has affected every business out there, not only mine. The fuel scarcity is really making business dull because anything that has affected transportation will definitely have an adverse effect on every business within that area and beyond. Even from the NNPC’s filling station, a litre of petrol is N120. So, what are we talking about? It’s sad, experiencing this kind of situation in an oil producing nation like ours.

I believe this is mainly because none of our four refineries is working. And it’s all these corrupt leaders that caused it. They know if the refinery are functioning, they won’t have the opportunity to steal our money again. That’s why they’re making thing worse by the day.

Left to me, I don’t believe in paying any marketer any money again because those behind them are even our leaders who benefit mainly from the subsidy of a thing. I think the only solution to the problem is to make our refineries function. I don’t know of any country producing oil and doesn’t have at least one functioning refineries. The only hope the masses have now is General Muhammadu Buhari who I believe would put all the refineries in order because he built them when he was in charge. So, he won’t want to allow his handiwork to rot away like that. Aside that, we all look up to him now as he has pledged to fight corruption which is one of the problems of NNPC. But my fear is about those surrounding him. Even there are rogues with his party who may not want him to succeed. So, we all need to pray for him so that he can take Nigeria to the promised land. He, as an individual, is a honest man and can’t afford to soil his integrity. But he can’t do it alone. We need to pray that God should touch the minds of those that will work with him so that Nigeria can move forward.


LAWRENCE ONUZULIKE, Nollywood Angels – It has affected us immensely. As if the sky-high cost of PMS which has adversely affected the cost of doing business in the country isn’t enough, the unavailability has greatly worsened the situation. To power our homes, offices and our numerous projects, we are now forced to purchase fuel at more than N300 per litre. How on earth does one expect any company to turn up profit? There are extreme cases where black market dealers are not even available leading to temporal closure of the projects we’re undertaking in those areas. It’s really a sorry state for the country.

Lasting solution will take time to achieve due to corruption and the rotten state of our refineries. However, I still suggest that while the government sorts out its various problems with oil marketers, it should start fixing our refineries.


IMAOBONG ALOYSIUS, Imalma Boutique – The fuel scarcity is affecting everybody provided you are a Nigerian. But I’m coping in the business. Transportation has increased, food stuff has increased, and the prices of clothes has increased as well. There’s nothing anyone can do than to cope until the government settles or solves the problem of the fuel scarcity.


LINDA IKE, Linda’s Pot – The fuel scarcity is the worst in Nigeria’s history. Movement is restricted and cost of food stuff has gone up. For us in the hospitality sector, we can’t operate effectively with the situation on ground.

We call on the Federal Government to resolve this issue and prevent future occurrence through constant dialogue with oil marketers.


SHEDRACK IKEDUE, Shedico Global  – It has a huge impact on us. We depend a lot on power, be it from the power company or generator, we just need light. Since this fuel scarcity started biting this hard, we have had to make adjustments. We have applied some sort of austerity measures to keep us afloat, we can’t afford to drown.

The oil marketers are being mean to us. How much is it that they cannot have patience with the Federal Government to pay up, instead of putting us through this hellish experiences every time? We are hoping for a better Nigeria because we can’t continue like this.


OLANREWAJU VON, Le’von Couture – I do mobile marketing, so I have to drive to so many places to see my goods. Since the issue of fuel scarcity began I do not move around like I used to because I cannot queue endlessly at the filling station without the assurance of buying at the end of the day.

I think the government should do something about this situation before the situation gets out of hand.


BANKE ADEWUNMI – Fuel scarcity is really affecting my business both directly and indirectly. I can’t get fuel to run my generator and even my car. Movement from one place to another is difficult at this time. To get the fuel even at well over the usual pump price is not easy considering the time and stress involved.

I am employing the government and the marketers to resolve their differences very soon in the interest of the masses. We can’t continue like this. It’s so painful that almost all social economic activities have been paralysed by the fuel scarcity. Something urgent must be done to address the issue.


OLAJIDE GREAT MCDEDE – It has not been easy at all. For more than a week now, we have been buying fuel at N130 per litre and that’s why it’s not available at all. And that has been affecting my business just with every other business because people couldn’t move around as usual. And to compound it all, no power supply. Electricity is also nothing to write home about. So, everything makes every business dull.

I think the government should address this subsidy issue on time and resolve its differences with the oil marketers so that normalcy can return and we can all move forward.


ADESOLA EDE, Cream It All Confectionaries – This situation is getting out of hand. There is no power supply which makes me run on generator almost all through the day to meet the deadline for my customers. I won’t tell them stories after they have paid for their cakes.

They should please put the citizens into consideration and put an end to this.


JIDE ONAKOYA, Kleenrite – The fuel scarcity brings about delay in the delivery of services. Also, the company’s running cost has gone up due to scarcity of fuel because we have to keep our clientele and thereby we get fuel at an exorbitant rate.

The lasting solution is to build modern refineries within the country. That will enable us have constant supply of petroleum products.




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