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Eucharia Anunobi speaks on her ordination as an evangelist

GROOVY fair-skinned actress, Eucharia Anunobi is now an evangelist.  She was recently ordained at Fresh Oil Ministry.  She has also been off the scene for sometime now.  ENCOMIUM Weekly had an interview with the talented actress on Wednesday, December 21, 2011.  She told us where she has been and how she became an evangelist. We also asked after her son and when she will remarry.


Why have you been off the scene all this while?

I wouldn’t say I have been off the scene, I rather would say I have been working.  Quite alright, much of my movies have not been out.  It takes time for movies to be edited after recording before it comes out.  That is why it seems I have been off the scene.  On the other hand, I have been working with the Holy Spirit.

What do you mean, working with the Holy Spirit?

I have been learning at His feet, being mentored towards the need to make it known to the public that the Lord has just blessed me very well.

How has that kept you busy?

It has kept me really busy because when you are worshipping and learning at the feet of the Holy Spirit, you need to intensely and tenaciously work with Him, and not talking carnally.  My God is very passionate and He is a jealous God.  So, for you to be with Him you must give Him total attention, that is what I have done.

When last did you appear in a movie?

I short the last movie in October at Abuja.  Before then, I had shot in Lagos, Enugu, etc.  But the movies are not out yet.  The year has been very busy.

Is it a movie produced by you?

No, the movies were not produced by me.

Don’t you think your fans are missing you?

I am not going anywhere.  Acting is my life and career and it’s not stopping me from doing something else.  I am an embodiment of acting.

Is it true that you are now a pastor?

I am not a pastor, I am an evangelist.  There is a difference between an evangelist and a pastor. I am not under a ministry, I go to places to spread the gospel.

When did you become an evangelist?

I was officially ordained on December 18, 2011, by my mentor, Apostle Sam, Bishop Job Thomas from Toronto, Canada and Dr. Rev. (Mrs.) Patricia Raven from the US under Fresh Oil Ministry.

What is new about you that no one knows?

By God’s grace, I am back in school, Lagos State University.  I am doing my Master’s in Social Networking.  Then, the Lord took me higher by making me His child officially.  I didn’t become born again today. I have been a born again Christian for over 15 years.  Aside all this, I am into business of MC, event planning, decorations, etc.  I don’t stay idle.

How are you coping with all the challenges that come your way?

Sometimes I wonder how I do it, but I thank God for His strength. He has been with me intellectually and when I need to apply wisdom.  I believe that He who started it will finish it well.  It’s in Him I put my trust.

There is this impression that the new actresses in the industry are preferred to older ones like you?

That is not true. I don’t believe that.  They all complement themselves.  For example, no actor can take my physique and modulation.  Eucharia is an act of actors.  It has no age limit.

Some of the old actresses are now into soap operas, have you also appeared in any of recent?

No, I have gotten lots of scripts but I have not come in contact with any good one.  Most of my colleagues are into it because it’s a consuming project, but when a good one comes my way I will hit the screen.

How have you been coping without a man?

I have been doing great, God has never forsaken me.  He has been by me and my work in the ministry, acting career and business. They’ve all been going on smoothly.

Since you separated from your husband, are there no advances from other men?

Of course, yes!  No man will see a pretty lady like me and walk away.

How do you handle such situation?

There is no big deal about that, my God has been giving me wisdom and He directs my actions.

Are you not considering remarrying?

Of course, yes.  But that is when the right man comes.  God will have to direct me first.

What is the health situation of your child?

My son is fine.  He is doing great in all his activities.

What advice do you have for upcoming actresses?

The little advice I have is, God should come first in whatever they do, never be carried away with fame.  Do your work with a passion not just for the money but because it’s what you love doing.  Also try to lay your hands on other businesses, don’t be lazy, be an optimist.

What’s your impression about the movie industry?

We are doing great.  Honestly, we always aim higher.  Without any assistance from the government we are still getting better, day by day.

What is the secret of your new look?

The secret behind my look is like a free lottery. But most people run away from it.  But I see that as the biggest surgery ever, which is fasting, eat less of fattening foods, more of fruits, snail, vegetables and don’t eat heavy food at night.  This is what is making me look radiant.

  • This story was first published in ENCOMIUM Weekly on Tuesday, January 10, 2012



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