Ex-PMAN boss, Bolaji Rosiji takes stock @ 49

‘I’m making a change with Gaurapad Charities’

ON Thursday, August 7, 2014, former PMAN President and MD/CEO, Gaurapad Charities, Comrade Bolaji Rosiji clocked 49. And he rolled out the drums at his Ismail Estate, Idiroko, Maryland, Lagos office with scores of music legends like Bright Chimezie, Tee Mac, Daddy Showkey, Ras Kimono, Oritz Williki, Baba Fryo, Salawa Abeni, Daddy Fresh, Ara and more trooping in to felicitate with him.

ENCOMIUM Weekly asked the serial social entrepreneur, consummate artiste and social activist what this age means to him.

Bolaji Rosiji also opened up on Gaurapad’s multi-million naira Magodo, Lagos, health facility and much more…

How does it feel to be 49 today?

You know what?  I’m stepping into 50, 60, 70, 80…with zest and energy because I feel the further I go, the younger I get.

It also happened that music icons and veterans trooped out en masse to celebrate with you?

That’s also gratifying.  Today (Thursday, August 7, 2014) is my best day ever.  I was absolutely humbled by their goodwill messages, songs and heartfelt wishes.  I feel highly appreciated and I thank them all.  I also thank my team at Gaurapad Charities and the entire staff who showed me love.

What are you most grateful to God for at 49?

At 49, I’m most grateful to God for making the Gaurapad platform possible.  You’ve been following us for over a decade and you know we had a humble beginning.  I had no source of raising funds.  I wasn’t a good beggar (laughs).  So, we needed a means to get our activities funded and God gave us this.

Any regret so far?

The old Bolaji can say yes, I have some regrets but learning better now I can say that any bad or good thing that I thought happened, only brought us where we are today, which we are very proud of.

Were there targets you set for yourself at 49?  And how far have you gone with them?

I don’t set target with my age.  I usually set target at the beginning of the year. I would say by January 1, 2015, I must have done this.  That’s what I do.

49 is almost 50?

I’m 50! (laughs).

Are there things you can no longer do now because you are almost 50?

Me?  I be action bobo (laughs).  I’m even doing more now than I ever did.  This age thing is an illusion.  We can age gracefully into our 90s and beyond.  What is responsible for our deterioration is our diet, lack of exercise and other little things we do or avoid.

In terms of lifestyle, are you making some changes? 

It has already changed because if you are doing Gaurapad and promoting Gaurapad business, you need to set the example for others to follow.  So, I exercise and eat right so they can see the result of the Gaurapad culture.

People still want to know if Bolaji is thinking marriage now he’s 49?

My dear, all the girls I like, they don’t like me.  The ones I don’t like, like me.

What then do you want in a woman?

Right now, I’m so much engrossed in Gaurapad Charities.  And I was a monk.  That would be very tempting for me to go back to right now.

The good Lord has indeed been nice to you, so where are you headed?

I’m heading to eternity.

What’s your greatest wish?

That you and many other Nigerians should take advantage of the Gaurapad platform.  We are creating millionaires at neck breaking speed.  We are providing health solutions to people who are languishing in pains.  So, you can be a beneficiary of this empowerment programme.

Do you have any advice for the lazy generation that thinks money grows on trees?

The reason we became known for 419 (fraud) is because of the level of aspiration of the average Nigerian.  We can build on this and learn how to acquire wealth through legitimate means.  That’s what Gaurapad stands for.  When we started out, we never knew that opportunities abound in Nigeria.  And it became very clear and better than what we experience in America, South East Asia.  The opportunities in Nigeria have so exploded Gaurapad that we are doubling every two months.  It can only happen here because of a very motivated and inspiring work-force.

What special commitment are you now making at 49?

I’m making a commitment to make a change at 49.  That’s what a man must always do when he adds a year.

Maybe you should tell us more about this Gaurapad?

Gaurapad is our charity which is holistically devoted to developing society and people in terms of financial freedom, spiritual freedom and the whole well being of man and woman.

What about Gaurapad Health Initiative for artistes?

The Gaurapad Clinic is unique.  We are going to start by opening up to artistes and their immediate families.

At no cost?

At a subsidized cost.  What we are doing is different.  We are not doing cold and headache.  We would be dealing with serious health conditions, diseases that are life threatening.  We just want to contribute our quota in helping out.  We have lost many artistes to ailments we could have contained before they turned fatal.  We lost Amaka Igwe, we lost Kefee.  We had earlier lost Sam Loco Efe, Ashley Nwosu, Goldie and many dear artistes.  We don’t want to lose more of our colleagues.  Creativity is our national wealth.   When the oil is gone, what would we fall back on?  It’s what we have inside the arts.

Gaurapad is more of specialized medicine, what mode of medical practice would the multi-million naira Gaurapad Clinic offer?

We have set up a task force to decide the modus operandi of the health facility.  It would be too early for me to disclose this right now.

What about the issue of sustaining the initiative?

It would be supported and sustained through the business arm of Gaurapad.  In order to be sustainable, we need to have a source of income.  That is why we are promoting and marketing this affordable, reliable and powerful trans-dermal health solutions.  That’s the source of our funds.

Where is Gaurapad Research Centre?

It’s in Magodo, Lagos.

Can you lead us into the structure?

We have a 10-room facility there.  It has got accommodation.  By the time it’s fully equipped, we are going to have a diagnostic equipment and other ultra-modern medical equipment.

How long have you been working on this?

For about three years now.




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