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Excitement greets Pepsi’s slash of prices

Coca-Cola and Pepsi are two major beverages that ring bells in the heads of every Nigerian. Aside being well known drinks here in Nigeria, they can also be referred to as “International drinks”.

 Meanwhile, there has been a change in the prices which to some extent has forced some buyers to withdraw. However, Pepsi has reversed the prices of its products which include, Pepsi, Mirinda, 7up and Teem, bringing their prices back to N100. spoke with Lagosians who stated their preference as Pepsi reduced price…


Aina Emmanuel

Why will I buy coke of 35cl for N100 when I can actually get Pepsi of 50cl for the same amount? Whatever made Pepsi to bring their prices back to normal, it means there is change in the prices of the ingredients. So, Coca-Cola too should reduce the prices of their products so as to make sales. For now, I stand by Pepsi.


Ibukunle Emmanuel

Coke’s secret has just been leaked by Pepsi. Coke should stop making too much gain and pity Nigerians. They should stop extorting us. I prefer Pepsi now till when coke complies with market demand. I say “no to extortion”.


Aderibigbe Ngozi

I prefer Coke no matter how much they sell it. I wouldn’t take Pepsi for any reason. I don’t just like it. I prefer Coke anytime, anyday.


Ibitoye Oluwasegun

Of course, I will go for the lesser one. I will take Pepsi pending the time Coke will make a U-turn. Though, I love Coke so much, I still have to economise.


Moses Achibong

I love both Pepsi and Coke, I do not have a preference. I only take the one available.


Iyiola Bamidele

Right from time, I have been taking Pepsi. Now that it’s even cheaper, I will continue to drink Pepsi. I only drink Coke if someone buys for me.


Lawal Mariam

I prefer Coke because it is far better than Pepsi. Even if the price increases, I don’t mind, I will still take Coke.


Babalola Yusuf

I prefer Coke. To me, it seems Pepsi is dilluted, it appears too light to me. It doesn’t taste good to me. So, I will always go for Coke.


Mrs Metibogun

I prefer Pepsi not because of the price but just the brand. I would have taken Pepsi ten times before I consider taking Coke once.


Adeoye Wuraola

I prefer Coke, but I will still want the price to be reduced. But, notwithstanding, I can’t abandon Coke for Pepsi just because the price has been reduced. I will still stick to my coke.






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