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Exclusive BTS photos: T.W.O shoot Te Amo and Ire videos

Nigeria’s most celebrated singing couple, Tunde and Wunmi Obe (T.W.O) is set to release two music videos from their latest album, T.W.O Plus.

The videos were shot in Lagos by popular music director, Clarence Peters, who brings not just his creativity, but also his camera skills to fore, to give the videos a fantastic interpretation matched with an exciting visual appeal.

Te Amo, which will be released on the 15th of  September,  is a Spanish-flavoured up-tempo Afropop tune which tells the story of two lovebirds expressing love for each other through music and dance. The video features colorful outfits, sexy salsa dancers clad and scenic monochrome backdrops.

In the second video, Ire, the couple is joined by upcoming act, Brace, together with whom they make a passionate plea for a blessed lifetime.  The video which celebrates the lives of T.W.O as couple over the years, is billed for release in November 2015.

It will only take a matter of weeks before these videos start to top the charts like Omonsa and Wedding Day, which won the Best Use of Costume at the 2014 Nigeria Music Video Awards.

The duo’s label, Kopykats Entertainment, has also announced that the album T.W.O PLUS is now available for downloading on Spinlet and iTunes.  (See links below).






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