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Fayose’s 2019 Presidential ambition dismissed as a joke

‘He’s just too ambitious’, they echo

The ambition of the sitting governor of Ekiti state, Ayodele Fayose to occupy Aso Rock as the country’s number one citizen come 2019 has been described by some Ekiti indigenes as the joke of the century.

They further described the controversial politician as being over-ambitious and unrealistic as he’s yet to lead his state to the promised land as he pledged, let alone leading the whole country.

Speaking with, one of the indigenes of the state, an academic and a clergy, Pastor Tunde Awoniyi said, “There is no crime in having an ambition. The only thing I know is that Fayose can’t get there, not even in 2023 let alone 2019. He is yet to get a pass mark in Ekiti which he’s ruling for the second time. May be, he thinks ruling Nigeria is a child’s play. Or is he still holding on to his erroneous belief that Buhari will die as he earlier predicted?He’s just too ambitious, he’s even a joker. No matter how much noise he makes, he can’t even win across the Yoruba land. So, why is he bothering himself for the presidency in 2019?”

Another prominent indigene of the state who pleaded anonymity corroborated the earlier submission, describing the governor as nothing but a rabble rouser.

“It’s only a fool that will be taking Fayose as serious. He’s just a rabble rouser. He hasn’t done anything for his own people apart from his fake stomach infrastructure which he has been using to deceive us since he came to power. As of now, he’s still owing workers’ salaries. Most of the roads are still very bad. Although, he’s free as a citizen of Nigeria to say what he wants, I don’t think the seat is for someone like him. Even, from whichever political platform, the north will still be given the ticket. And the All Progressives Congress (APC) will still give it to Buhari if he’s still fit by then. I think the best thing for Fayose is to wait till 2023. It’s certain the seat is not for the southerners now. Apart from that, Fayose doesn’t have the kind of leadership qualities  to paddle the canoe of this country. He’s just too ambitious for now.”


Here are some comments from social media:


Ismaheel Adebayo:

You’re totally joking Fayose.


Somto Agbazue:

To me Fayose is the only politician that is bold enough to speak the truth. He’s the only one that confronted buhari’s absence and health status, I just don’t know Y people don’t like truth. I guess it’s because of what they say, that the truth is bitter.


Juodesy Onyeka:

So it’s because of these he has been attacking Mr. President right left and center just to gain cheap popularity.


Crownkool Adegoke Adeniregun:

If u ever need a man full of greed, think no other than Fayose. He thinks he can manipulate the whole Nigeria like he manipulated Ekiti. Even if the present administration hasn’t delivered, u r not d solution fayose.

If wishes were horses, beggars will ride. Nigerians aren’t fools.


Odenigbo Joseph Chinedu:

Rock carry go no stop any one whom try to stop you will die before 2019 not even the born to rule terrorist group can dare you the great prophet of our time ,the Senior governor, the mouth piece of the masses you will shine like the moon in the sky…


Taiwo James Dada:

The only time you hear of his name is when he insults Mr President or whenever he performs some of his stunts like eating at a buka or buying and eating roasted corn, I’ve never heard or read if he’s commission any meaningful project since he became Governor, maybe he thinks governing a country like Nigeria is a child’s play where you introduce stomach infrastructure and everyone becomes gullible.


Sonia Osadjere:

U c d dirty mind of human being, for God sake we r just in d middle of 2017 & sombody outder is already campaigning for 2019 wen dey hv nt solve d problem of 2017, na wa o


Benson David:

The best thing to happen to Nigeria, i hope they don’t kill this dream

Congrats in advance my president!


Sola Gabriel:

Yes, president of Biafra not Nigeria. He went to court to identity with Biafra.


Odomodo Yunusa:

A man that cannot manage only Ekiti state, wanted to be a President of Nigeria.. Who is fooling who? Yes ! He can win in Ekiti state and probably Rivers state.


Al Haj Emiola Abiola:

Fayose is NOT eyeing the presidency but looking for an escape route, launching a presidential ambition is just a way to draw the attention of Nigerians to his side so that when he finishes his tenure as governor of Ekiti State and loses his immunity and he knew he already has some questions to answer, he will now want Nigerians to believe that because of his ambition that is why that are questioning him, Fayose always makes me laugh


Kingston Kika Aruegbe:

Thunder fire all who hates Fayose cos he speaks truth against evil APC.


Tope Jegede:

Shey na recession Nigeria dey nau, if Fayose becomes president Nigeria will go into extinction in 6 month….isn’t 6 month much in weeks


Oluwafemi King Ebenezer:

Every Nigerian has freedom of His own expression but I think this is a Joke of the Century, it’s only people who are outside Ekiti that thinks this Man is the solution to Nigeria’s problem. If given the opportunity this Man will fail Nigerians woefully…


Jade Incogni:

Less talk more action, all have seen overtime is talk, Nigeria doesn’t need another talker that will manipulate the emotions and naivety of Nigerians like APC did, only to get there and do nothing tangible but make matters worse, please there should be a paradigm shift in this nation called Nigeria, if possible let our next president be someone very young and driven by the zeal to reform this nation even if he or she is not contesting under any of this major political parties, and let we as Nigerians support such an individual don’t let us make the same mistakes we have been making for decades back, let we the leaders of tomorrow take charge today, a wise man one’s said that “it is foolishness to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results” come 2019 let us all make the desired change for good, it is up to us no one else But us, enough! Talk More of action and exertion towards the growth of this nation, #nacheckit


Iyetor Kingsley:

Iyetor Kingsley I love him because of his braveness and l believe he have the strength to put things in other for a better Nigeria through our great party PDP.


Denison Okogun:

Denison Okogun You have it, is your dream. At least we want younger people in that aso rock and not recycling of old idiots. I see youth who had refused to say a word of rebellion against this dead regime throwing jibe at fayose. Youth wake up from slumber pls


Odum Clement:

All I know is that even if some of you don’t see him as presidential candidate, Fayose is far better than clueless Buhari who has no brain,For governor Fayose to cone out and say he wants to context presidency’,he knew that he will perform better than weak Buhari gross incompetency? Fayose is a Jewel, a pride not Just in Yoruba land,but entire country.


Muyiwa Iyinola Oduberu:

Check Fayoses medical history… this man needs anti rabbis before it’s too late, it’s so obvious. This is a man that cannot preside over his household…


Habiba Aminu:

This guy is the dumbest clown yet! How have u fared in Ekiti? How many projects have u commissioned apart from owing salaries and eating in bukas. In saner climes, pple come out to contest having a good track record. Anyways, Nigerians r not fools & this mad dog can never rule!!


Abah Victor:

This is the motive behind why he has been behaving this way all this while. Only a fool will be convinced and deceive by him by the time he mistakenly become president you will know his real personality .He is a whore. Stupid idiot. Cannibalistic bastard. I hate him to the core.



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