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Foluke Daramola, hubby clear air over alleged infidelity

-‘’We understand each other perfectly’, they echo

Star actress cum film maker, Foluke Daramola-Salako and hubby, Kayode Salako have reacted to controversial interview granted by the former to one of the dailies where she reportedly accused the latter of infidelity. They insisted such a word has no place in their affair as husband and wife.

Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Thursday, January 27, 2017, the talented thespian expressed dissatisfaction about the speculation his response has been fueling within and outside the industry, insisting she never accused her husband of infidelity. She therefore enjoined the public to ignore the story as there’s no iota of truth in it.

“It’s true I responded to few questions from a lady who called from one of the dailies to know a few things. But throughout my response, I never used infidelity to accuse or describe anything around my husband because there wasn’t anything of such around us. I am aware my husband associates with both men and women in his daily endeavours, and he’s not limiting and gagging me as well. I am free to relate and associate with anybody. And the best he deserves from me is his freedom of association as well. There is no issue of infidelity between us or in our marriage. So, there is no way I can accuse him of such.

“Kayode Salako is a wonderful human being. He’s not giving me any problem at all in this marriage. Though, we disagree and have our challenges sometimes, he’s still the best that has happened to me. I think the paper was just being sensational in its headline. As far as I am concerned, the word infidelity does not exist in the dictionary of what my husband and I have built. We’re both good friends.

“We understand each other perfectly and I know almost all his male and female friends. And he is aware of all my associates, male and female as well. We have been together for a while and I think Kayode is still about the best man I have ever known.

“Even, if there’s any issue of infidelity or anything like that, it will be uncivilized of me to bring it on the pages of newspapers. What I was asked was how I would handle any issue of infidelity should it arise in my marriage. And my response was: “Infidelity can’t break my marriage or make me leave my home. I am exposed enough to know that men naturally could be naughty at times in nature. So, I have never been afraid of that. The most important thing to me in this marriage is my happiness and my fulfillment. And I can tell anybody that I am happy and fulfilled here. This is not about money or what my husband has given me, but the place where my destiny has chosen for me. I like to say it again, that there’s no where I ever used the word infidelity for my husband because there’s nothing like that in my marriage and it’s very derogatory to use it for my hubby.

“I am with Kayode Salako, not only because he’s my husband but because I believe in his future. To believe in a man is more important than to love him. I believe in my man. And that’s far stronger enough for me than loving him. So, that word, ‘infidelity’ does not exist in the dictionary of my marriage. And if it does, that can never be an issue with me. I am determined to keep my home.”

Also speaking in like manner, Foluke’s hubby, Salako reacted, “All I just want to say is that no press can monitor or force me to keep my marriage to whoever I am married or living with. I am the only one who can keep it. I have always told anybody who may care that there are two people who can either encourage us to keep the marriage or crash it. They’re still Foluke and Kayode. Nobody can, except we decide to. So, policing or monitoring me won’t keep the marriage but damage it. Officially or unofficially, it’s about five years we have been in this, and the same destiny which consumed our bond is still there to keep sustaining our convictions. It’s a race of life. We’re still in it gleefully. We’re still okay in it with the desire to keep living it.

“Foluke is a very responsible, resilient, value based and contented woman. That’s enough for me to keep sustaining her around my life. When a woman is okay for you, who can be against that kind of relationship and succeed?. Above all, Foluke is living my life, and I am convinced she loves me passionately.”




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