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Fresh study of infertility blames chicken pox virus

Infertility in women has been linked to infection with HHV-6A, a chicken pox-like virus through a recent study by Harvard University in the United States of America and University of Ferrara in Italy. Results  of infertile women tested showed about half of them were infected, while fertile women never harboured the virus.

With the study, hope rises for women who are seriously expectant mothers, as it shows the virus lurks in the lining of the womb and affects production of protein which is needed for pregnancy. This discovery is yet to be ascertained but response to the treatment could restore fertility in women.

Researchers from University of Ferrara stated , ‘Overall, our study indicates that HHV-6A infection might be an important factor in unexplained female infertility. However, further studies are needed to confirm the association.’

Likewise, Professor Anthony Komaroff of Harvard University in the US, said: ‘This is a surprising discovery. If confirmed, the finding has the potential to improve the outcome for a large subset of infertile women.’




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