Gani Adams’ 46th birthday cost N10 million

’I can’t quantify my birthday bash’

The national coordinator of Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), Otunba Gani Abiodun Ige Adams has attributed the success of his 46th birthday celebration to God and those around him. He, however, stated that there is no need calculating the exact amount spent on the birthday party held at The Bathen Hall, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos on Saturday, April 30, 2016, as the purpose for which the party was organized has been achieved.



Speaking with ENCOMIUM Weekly on Thursday, May 6, 2016, the fiery OPC leader expressed satisfaction on the turn out of the guests that cut across the major ethnic divides in the country. According to Adams, this year’s celebration was one of the best so far in the last 16 years he has been celebrating his birthday elaborately.

“I will keep thanking God and the people around me for the success of this year’s birthday celebration. From the people’s comment, the event was one of the best so far. It’s well packaged and the calibre of the people that came was superb. Also, there was no security lapse at all as usual. Everybody felt secured.”

On the amount spent on the bash, he said, “I don’t think there is need for that. What’s important was that I wanted to show appreciation to God for being a year older, and that’s accomplished. So, why the need to be reflecting on how much I spent on the birthday?”

adams2Meanwhile, an impeccable source revealed to ENCOMIUM Weekly that the Arigidi Akoko,Ondo born human right activist splashed about N10 million on the 46th birthday celebration.

According to the source,” From the look of things, this year’s birthday couldn’t have gulped below N10 million. It’s better packaged than the previous ones. It was classy and very colourful. The event planner that handled the party did a quality job.

“I learnt the venue and decoration cost about N2 million. Then, the caterers were also charged to provide different varieties of food, ranging from local to continental dishes, all worth millions. Also, small chops were provided in large quantity, and with assorted drinks all over the tables.

“Now, if you add the cost of the entertainment content of the party, you will agree that the event was worth even more than N10 million because dragging Pasuma and Atorise to that place that day might have cost fortune irrespective of Otunba’s relationship with them. Also, there was a drama group led by Monsuru Fala and few other groups that also performed. So, the party was one in town. Although, there’s likelihood of Gani Adams not footing the whole bill, some of his loyalists and friends might have donated one or two things to complement his efforts in ensuring the success of the event.




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