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German medics report progress on Ugandan Ebola patient

German doctors today (Friday, December 19) reported on how an experimental drug together with advanced intensive care helped save a Ugandan physician who had been airlifted from Sierra Leone with Ebola.

A prototype drug called FX06, designed to stop haemorrhage, was given to the patient after the doctors got special authorisation from their hospital’s ethics committee, they reported in UK’s The Lancet.

The unnamed 38-year-old male doctor had been airlifted to Frankfurt (Germany) in early October, five days after the onset of Ebola symptoms, and admitted to a Biosafety facility, the highest level of medical security, the study said. Within three days of admission, he was suffering from failure of the lungs, kidneys and gastro-intestinal tract, as well as haemorrhaging blood vessels, a hallmark of Ebola infection.



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